Porsche Racing Experience

Feel the adrenaline. The racetrack is calling!

Feel the vibrations. The vibrations of the engine, of the tyres on the curbs. Of your nerves, moments before reaching the perfect braking point. On Europe’s top Grand Prix tracks, such as Spa-Franchorchamps, Paul Ricard and also Monza – adrenaline will course through you as you improve your driving abilities as ambitious beginner or experienced Porsche driver. To this aim, the Racing Experience offers 2 different and absolutely unique programmes.

Max out your own Porsche GT street or race vehicle during the Porsche GT Trackday. What’s special about it: Porsche rental vehicles second to none are also available to you. Explore your own limits and those of your Porsche vehicle, test your boundaries and push your driving skills as you chase that last spark and ultimate speed.

How do I become a race driver? We have the answer. The Porsche Racing Experience offers an intense training in 3 different and sequential levels to become a Porsche race driver. Learn everything you need to know for Porsche Motorsport, in theory and practice. Face the challenge, set new boundaries and become a race driver. Start a new mission, now!

Want to improve your skills first? Head over to the Track Experience. Get a first taste of the race track with the Warm-Up programs. Learn even more during the Precision and Performance trainings. Or boost your skills to the next level with one of the Master training offerings on some of Europe’s legendary Grand-Prix race tracks.

The Racing Experience Program

GT Trackday

Porsche - GT street and race cars in their element.

GT street and race cars in their element.

Bring the impressive abilities of the most performance oriented GT street and race cars precisely on the asphalt. Well dosed, controlled. With a sense for acceleration and deceleration, in exactly the right moment. Experience a one or two day challenging driving program on the top GP tracks throughout Europe. Actually it is secondary if you decide to bring your own GT car or want to rent one, because either way it is certain that every second you sit behind the wheel takes you further – towards the perfect racetrack experience.​

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Level 1–3

Porsche - Start your own mission.

Start your own mission.

You envision and chase for your motorsport goal – like the rear end of a preceding race car on the flickering asphalt. The Porsche Racing Experience guides you on the ideal line to your goal: get trained as a race driver in a 3-step programme, supervised by Porsche certified instructors. Professional and individual guidance from the acquisition of the first race licence to the entry into the race season – all the way to even greater challenges. The world of Porsche motorsport seems infinite. We can show you the way.

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Supported by the best.

Support by Manthey-Racing.​

Porsche Racing ExperiencePorsche Racing ExperiencePorsche Racing Experience

For pure motorsport passion.

For many years, Manthey-Racing has been burning with this passion together with Porsche vehicles. The victories to date speak louder than words: The Manthey-Racing GmbH is the most successful Porsche racing team in the world and it calls the Nuerburgring its home. The company is specialized in developing and driving Porsche race cars. Testing and fine-tuning on the Nordschleife is an absolute must, especially for the sportiest of all Porsche variants. Therefore, the establishment of Manthey-Racing’s office and testing center a mere 400 meters from the fastest section of the Nordschleife, is more a conscious choice out of commitment, rather than luck. The company was founded in 1996 and is staffed with roughly 200 employees.

Our track record - eight overall titles in the Porsche Supercup, seven overall victories at the 24h of Nuerburgring and two in Le Mans within the GTE-Pro class. Since 2013 the Porsche Team has been trusted with the factory entry of the Porsche 911 RSR in the WEC World Sportscar Championship. The team’s most outstanding achievements were the double victories in the GTE-Pro class of the 24h of Le Mans in 2013 and 2018. However, the two most successful seasons were in 2015, when they scored three WEC-GT championship titles – one for the manufacturer, one for the driver and one for the team as well as within the Super Season 2018/2019 when the Porsche GT team won the brand and driver world championship.


Certified instructors for the highest quality of support.

With Porsche certified instructors, you have a competent team by your side. With their own international motorsport experiences in Porsche race cars, they can guarantee the highest possible support and advice. With their athletic and likable manner, they will support you reliably and responsibly. Their experience has prepared them for any situation, and they are trained to guide you on your way as you learn to fully enjoy racetracks and limits.

Porsche Racing Experience Partner.

The Porsche Racing Experience has been developed and delivered in collaboration with a team of professional partners. Manthey–Racing as the official program operator with other partners such as the DMSB-Academy, Michelin, Tag Heuer and Mobil 1, all focused on our customers to help them realise their personal motorsports dream. One team, one goal.


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