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Porsche Experience Center

Located at Intercity Istanbul Park in Turkey, Porsche Experience Center opened its doors in March 2015 to host outstanding Porsche driving events. A fleet of Porsche vehicles awaits you, and Porsche driving events offer the great opportunity to experience all of them directly behind the steering wheel under the guidance of certified Porsche instructors.

With the introductory test drive program "Porsche on Track", participants can experience six different Porsche models in various driving scenarios. As a next step, the "Advanced Porsche on Track" program offers more focus on race track training in our two-door sports cars two action-packed days.

As a Porsche Experience Center, an official Porsche lounge has been constructed inside the existing race track facility. The spacious 900m² lounge area allows guests to discover more about the Porsche brand and its history, configure a vehicle, enjoy a culinary treat in the dining area, or simply take a break during an intensive driving day. Glass walls plus outdoor seating directly overlooking the start and finish line really invites participants to best experience the Porsche motorsports atmosphere with a perfect view.

We look forward to welcoming our guests at Porsche Experience Center!

Porsche Experience Center
Porsche Experience Center
Porsche Experience Center
Porsche Experience Center
Porsche Experience Center

Program overview

Porsche on TrackAdvanced Porsche on Track
Experience all Porsche models in one day.A training to improve your driving skills on track.
Duration:1 day2 days
Qualifications:NoneTrack experience
Vehicles:Porsche hire vehiclesPorsche hire vehicles
Dates:23.03. - 01.04.2018
06.05. - 16.05.2018 (Special in Budapest)
01.11. - 11.11.2018
October 2018
Price:From 400€ plus taxFrom 3.490€ plus tax

Area overview

Guided track driving with four-door sport cars

With the new program in 2018, participants will also enjoy a second section on track to experience the abilities of our available Porsche four-door sports cars. What a perfect way to show the connection with motorsport even on our four-door cars and introduce you to our Porsche Ceramic Composite Breaks (PCCB). Our aim is to give you as much driving pleasure on track as possible. If you are still asking for more, we are happy to welcome you to our Advanced Porsche on Track program.


How about ending your day being a “co-pilot” next to our professional Porsche instructors and experiencing the whole racetrack including its famous triple left hander on “Turn 8”?

Get in the car, fasten your seat belt and see what the cars a capable of. Our Porsche instructors will bring the cars closer to the limit than you have experienced it before. We promise you great fun and pure adrenaline.


Furthermore test and train your reflexes in a safe area while a kick plate simulates road obstructions by shifting your vehicle into a skid, losing rear-wheel traction. For your own safety, Porsche instructors will be at your side to teach safe driving maneuvers.

Launch Control

Accelerate from a standing start after holding the brake and accelerator at the same time. Experience the ultimate feeling of immediate accelerating power when releasing the brake.

Guided track driving

Experience the short track of the challenging “Intercity Istanbul Park” race track directly from the driver’s seat. Running anti-clockwise, the circuit is known for its demanding series of turns and represents a perfect stage to test drive all available two-door Porsche models. Practice to drive the ideal line under the guidance of our certified Porsche instructors and learn how to handle the car, for you and your exchange partner in a safe way, are the common goals of this section. For all race drivers, who are looking for more track driving time, we also offer the Advanced Porsche on track events to expand your limits and train your skills.


Take on and navigate through rough terrain and water hazards in a Porsche SUV. Tackling several major ascents, descents, rough terrain as well as a water ditch, you will be introduced to the off-road capabilities of the Porsche Cayenne. Join us and convince yourself that the Porsche feeling is not only reserved for our two-door sport cars.


Learn to use the right driving techniques to maintain speed and agility during an obstacle course, race against the clock to improve your timing and challenge yourself with a slalom competition. Step in the competition of a Porsche on Track event and be the fastest in your group to get one of our prizes at the end of the day.

Track Training

The demanding former Formula 1 race track will be already discovered on the second half of day one. In the first instance, the aim is to get to know the track before increasing the speed. Starting with a guided track walk and a division of the track in three sections you will be perfectly prepared to expand your limits. There is plenty of time for practicing accurate steering, skillful braking and careful acceleration under expert instructions. The training is crowned by the completion of full laps of the circuit guided by our Porsche instructors.

Basic Training

At Advanced Porsche on Track, the first day of training focuses on how to handle our two-door sports cars. Half the day will be spent in the safety center to get a detailed and thorough coverage of the basics. Exercises like slalom as well as breaking in wet and dry will prepare you for the first course on track. You will practice taking evasive action and experience the effect that even slight differences in speed can have on the intensity of load changes, gradually simulating driving conditions in which the vehicle threatens to oversteer.

For those who are willing to spend even longer hours behind the steering wheel, we have also introduced our newly tailored Porsche Advanced program. If you would like to request more information, please enter your inquiry in the informational fields below.

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