Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur

Finesse. Passion. Craftsmanship. This is how the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur turns dreams into reality.

It takes time to craft something truly exceptional. It requires tranquility, concentration and commitment. It needs dedication and the hands, heart and soul of a skilled person, as true value does not originate solely from the work of machines. Special things can only be created if people, masters of their craft, use their hands and their expertise, their ideas and their personality.

You can sense the passion of each individual employee, right down to the last detail. This passion is the reason why the exceptional is created time and time again. The result? Vehicles full of personality and character.

Our hands play an important role in the production and finishing. They turn something special into something unique, and are often the only tool that can do justice to our high demands. When fitting, painting and polishing or when cutting and stitching various materials, whether high-quality leather, wood, Carbon Fiber, Alcantara® or aluminium, we dedicate our full attention to each individual detail and take our time to finish to perfection. Our objective is to instill each vehicle with that certain something that makes it capable of achieving even more individuality and character. It is belief in this principle that has led to the creation of exceptional collector’s pieces over the last decade.

The time has come to portray this dedication in a very special model series. Taking the Panamera Turbo S Executive as a basis, for the first time we have created a highly exclusive small series of the Panamera range, limited to 100 cars worldwide – the Panamera Exclusive Series.

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