Porsche - Austin - What we learned.

Austin - What we learned.

Joy is universal. Everybody strives for that pursuit of joy. But how to reach that goal? Maybe the best way is to gather a group of people around you who all are looking for the same thing. Like the people in the Porsche Motorsport family with their knowledge of 60 years in racing. Together the art of engineering and enthusiasm equal great results and joy like shown in CotA: celebrating the 1st place in the FIA WEC and a double victory in the IWSC.

Mexico - Conquer the unknown

How do you succeed in an unknown environment? In a place, where you’ve never been before? You apply what you came with and take on what you don’t know. Until finally the unknown becomes the familiar. And you realize, you have been at home from the very start. We are proud to have won the first ever FIA WEC 6h of Mexico.

Nürburgring: Beyond limits

What pushes people beyond their limits?
Taking every great victory as a new starting point. Seeing every setback as a chance. Hard fights on the limit. And here – at the 6h of Nürburgring – feeling the support from home and the spirit of a whole family. This is what pushes us beyond our limits. This is what keeps us winning.

Le Mans: Porsche wins the 24h of Le Mans

At 17 you are full of dreams, but you have to defend your dreams. Fight for them. And most of all believe in yourself. Our dream is part of a mission that has been driving us for over 60 years. A goal which is everything we stand for, letting us transcend boundaries. With all our fighting spirit. With deepest respect for our opponents. Our mission: building the sportscar of the future. Our dream: the 18th overall victory at Le Mans. A dream, which has become reality.

Spa: Thriller

Spa. The second race of this year's FIA WEC. A 6h endurance test, in which we're both the hunted and the hunter. Our only chance of survival? Split-second planning, exceptional teamwork and nerves of steel.

Silverstone: A new chapter begins

What makes a good story? It needs heroes, people fighting by their side, and a mission. It's all about ups and downs and always giving one´s best.

Silverstone 2016: the first lines of our new chapter have been written. And these are just the beginning.

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