2 litres. 4-cylinder turbo.

Where does a sports car end? Where does a race car begin? Our LMP works drivers think this transition is extremely smooth. Especially in terms of driving pleasure. As far as we're concerned, there is no such distinction: because even the very first Porsche clinched a racing victory. And because the knowledge gained from the racetrack plays an integral part in the development of our standard-production vehicles. For motorsport gives rise to ideas that are developed, tested and evaluated for so long under the toughest conditions that they're not only race-worthy, but also roadworthy. Even where you least expect it.

One recent example: the LMP prototype 919Hybrid. Our winner at Le Mans 2015 and 2016, whose deployment provided important insights for the development of our future sports cars. Two vehicles with which it already has much in common: the Porsche 718Boxster and the 718Cayman.

Both have a 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbocharged mid-mounted engine. Like the 919Hybrid. But there's more to it than this: the low centre of gravity of the Porsche718 ensures driving dynamics that are closer to those of the 919Hybrid than you'd expect.

And so our work continues. To realise our vision of the sports car of the future. On every journey. Every day. Over every single metre. This is what puts motorsport at the heart of our series production.

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