Porsche Motorsport - The reason behind.

Who really needs a Porsche?
Probably no one.

And motorsports?
Probably no one either.

But what if we hadn’t proven ourselves for over 60 years on the race track? Our story would certainly be different. It was Ferry Porsche’s dream to create a sports car capable of winning on the race track. A dream, without which many Porsche would have never seen the light of day.
Even further: All these efforts have gifted us the most valuable assets a company can possess: Identification. Pride. Fighting spirit. But most of all a culture in which we fight for our values together.
Only through our success in motorsports could we bring a piece of magic from the race track to the road. That is why we won’t stop. Why we will continue to develop. And turn motorsports of today into the sports car of the future.

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