The day is finally here—your ###PORSCHE### has successfully been manufactured!

Your 911 Has Been Produced

The Status Of Your Porsche ###PORSCHE###

The manufacturing process is complete.

Dreams do come true. We have built your Porsche ###PORSCHE###, with the utmost care and many hours of skilled labor. In Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, all parts were assembled to produce a unique car of the highest quality.

Zuffenhausen is more than just a production site—it’s where the heart of Porsche beats.

Now, take a look at the Porsche manufacturing plant and explore some of the manufacturing stages your ###PORSCHE### has passed through in the last few days.

Take a first look at your Porsche ###PORSCHE###.

Die Lackiererei im Porsche Werk Leipzig
After completion of the bodywork, your ###PORSCHE### was painted in your specified color. The next step is vehicle assembly.

Manufacturing Stages

Body construction

The beginning—a Porsche acquires its unmistakable shape in the body construction facility. Ultra-precision industrial robots and state-of-the-art joining techniques ensure that hundreds of individual aluminum and steel parts are merged into a distinctive exterior.

Despite the high degree of automation, the skill of our employees is the key to our success. All staff working in quality control, system operation, and maintenance are highly qualified. This is the only way for us to ensure and continuously extend our high standard of quality.

In body construction, we have already achieved the optimal interaction of human experience and the latest technology.

Engine manufacturing

Here also, manufacturing is based on model-mix production, for example in the exact order in which our customers have ordered their vehicles and in which they are built in the plant - whether a 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Panamera, or Macan.

Teamwork is crucial in this process. This applies to the complex logistics as well as the exact picking of the average 250 components required per engine and 150 components required per chassis. To guarantee maximum precision and quality, the optimal interaction of all employees is vital. Every screw and part must be manufactured to accuracy within a millimeter, and then made available at the right place and time.


A high-quality interior is a key feature of every Porsche, so Porsche indulges in a luxury that many other car manufacturers abandoned long ago: its own saddlery.

The "intrinsic values" of all Porsche sports cars are created at the saddlery in Zuffenhausen. The sewers and saddlers produce the interior trim and upholstery in the same order as the vehicles roll off the final assembly line.

Every single interior is crafted according to the customer’s wishes.

Paint shop

The paint shop in Zuffenhausen is one of the world's most modern and environmentally friendly of its kind. In a multi-stage process here, the bodies receive their flawless coat of paint, consisting of corrosion protection, coloration, and surface sealant.

This occurs in the precisely timed cycle of the entire sports car production process. At the end of the painting process, four coats of paint form a layer around 0.13 millimeters thick—barely thicker than a human hair.

The paint shop offers a range of colors similar to manufacturing. In addition to the defined standard colors, a special color system makes it possible to paint any model in many custom colors requested.

Vehicle assembly

Assembly begins by joining the body and the cockpit. The best seat in a Porsche is already identifiable—the one behind the steering wheel. Then the headliner and windows are installed. Very carefully. With pinpoint precision.

At this point, the engine for the model is already travelling on the conveyer belt through the plant. In a parallel work step, it is connected to the chassis with the transmission, the drive shafts and axles, and the exhaust system. These simultaneous processes are timed to the second. As in the pit lane.

Then comes the all-important moment—the marriage, where the body, drivetrain, and chassis are connected and screwed together. The next step is the wheel assembly.

Then, the brand new Porsche is finally ready for its destiny.

For its driver. For the road. For the racetrack. In essence, for conquering uncharted territory at the limits of sporty performance.

The Next Step

Your ###PORSCHE### now being prepared for its journey to you. We will contact you as soon as your Porsche leaves Zuffenhausen.