Porsche - Wheels & wheel accessories
Porsche - Wheels & wheel accessories

Wheels & wheel accessories

Made for leaving your mark, down to the very last inch.

The exciting stories in life rarely follow a pre-defined route. Nevertheless, to ensure that you always arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, there is one thing you should never be without: the right wheels from Porsche Tequipment. They make an impression by combining aesthetics, dynamic performance and safety. And will accompany you on every journey, without compromise.

Fully on track, especially when it comes to your driving pleasure.

Porsche wheel and tyre sets are an essential component when it comes to driving pleasure and driving safety. That’s why we require all tyres to prove their Porsche compatibility under the toughest conditions.

Porsche - Wheels & wheel accessoriesPorsche - Wheels & wheel accessoriesPorsche - Wheels & wheel accessories

Qualities on the test list include performance, rolling resistance and rolling noise. And on the floatable dynamic stretch, traction and brake tests are integral to the evaluation programme. Only the best tyres are ultimately awarded the ‘N’ designation. These high-performance tyres are distinguished from other tyres particularly in terms of their geometry, the rubber compound and their rigorous testin. The tangible result? Driving pleasure and driving safety.

Summer wheel and tyre sets

Information about wheels can be found here.

NB: not all products are available for every model. Please refer to the Porsche Tequipment Finder for all the options for your car.

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