Service & Porsche Genuine Parts

Service & Porsche Genuine Parts


Porsche - Maintenance works and repairs to wearing parts
Maintenance works and repairs to wearing parts
Porsche - Repair works
Repair works

Porsche Direct Dialogue Bay

Porsche - High performance and transparency come as standard.

High performance and transparency come as standard.

Do not leave anything to chance. This is the idea of the Porsche direct dialogue bay. From booking appointments, acceptance and repair with Porsche genuine parts to the comprehensive quality inspection and return of the vehicle.

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Porsche Genuine Parts

High performance is in our DNA. And in every Porsche Genuine Part.

High performance is in our DNA.
And in every Porsche Genuine Part.

Porsche Genuine Parts are spare parts that are optimally tailored to your vehicle for the best possible fit and meet the high Porsche quality standards. For maximum safety, sustained performance and Reliability.

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Porsche Genuine Parts Catalogue.

Porsche Genuine Parts Catalogue.

You may be looking for genuine components, literature or new runs of spare parts. Consult the Classic Catalogues to find an extensive range of information on these topics.

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Vehicle check.

Prepared for every eventuality.
And for your next visit.

Do you enjoy driving? You can do it every day if you want. And we'll prepare your Porsche for you. With our vehicle checks that are tailored to the requirements of every situation. Along with yours. Contact your local Porsche Centre.

Air-conditioning check.

It's not easy to keep a cool head in a Porsche.
But it is possible.

Porsche stands for performance. And big emotions. But by allowing us to check the operation and cooling performance of your air conditioning, you're sure to keep a cool head. To find out how, contact your Porsche Centre.

Live Check.

Real sport is best experienced live.

During our live check, we'll test all your Porsche's safety-related equipment and major wearing parts, in your presence and at a time agreed by you. Information about our live check is available from your Porsche Centre.

Car Care

At Porsche, design matters as much as performance, an ensuring that the exterior of your Porsche is as well-maintained as the engines are important to us. This is why we offer a range of grooming and paint protection options using the highest grade cleaning products. Ask about our grooming, care and body protection services.


Be it a windscreen replacement, a minor scratch or major damage from a collision, we have you covered. In order to keep up with the latest repair methods, our bodyshop technicians undergo regular Porsche trainings. This ensures that whenever the need arises, your Porsche will be restored to its original condition. We also work closely with all major insurers and our claims administrators will look after any incident from start to finish.


Porsche - Do you love the open road? Make sure you stay in contact with it.

Do you love the open road? Make sure you stay in contact with it.

In order to enjoy every drive, your tyres must perform on the same level as your Porsche. We supply, fit and balance only the highest quality, correctly-rated tyres. To ensure pinpoint accuracy, we use factory-approved electronic alignment equipment installed with the latest software.

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Engine oils

What tasks does the engine oil perform?

On the road or race track, oil is the most important technical lubricant in the engine. Choosing the right engine oil is therefore crucial - not only for the first fill in the factory, but also for subsequent oil changes and when selecting top-up oil.

Useful information regarding engine oils

What delivers optimum performance on the race track? Benefits on the home circuit.

A Porsche is built to achieve maximum results. On the race track, on the road and in every corner. In order to achieve this optimum performance, a Porsche also needs the right engine oil.

Engine oils and Porsche

There are engine oils. And there's Mobil 1.

We've tested a lot of engine oils on the race track. The result: Mobil 1 is Porsche's global oil cooperation partner. For our racing engines and for our standard models. A partnership which guarantees maximum performance and an equally high-octane driving experience. That's why all Porsche vehicles are now filled with Mobil 1 high-performance engine oil in the factory.

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