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The new Taycan Sport Turismo: a practical all-rounder with on-road dynamics Five different models with rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and two battery sizes are available

Stuttgart . The Taycan Sport Turismo is the latest body variant of the innovative electric sports car from Porsche. The model family now boasts a third design alongside the sports saloon and Cross Turismo. The new derivative is aimed at people who want to combine the everyday usability of the Taycan Cross Turismo with the on-road dynamics of the Taycan sports saloon. As the first member of the Taycan Sport Turismo family, the GTS will be launched at the end of February 2022, with further models following just three weeks later in mid-March. A panoramic roof with Sunshine Control is available as a new optional extra for the Taycan Sport Turismo. A special feature of this is electric glare protection.

From spring there will be five models to choose from:

  • Taycan Sport Turismo with 240 kW (326 PS) and rear-wheel drive, optionally
    available with Performance Battery Plus and 280 kW (380 PS), from €86,495¹

  • Taycan 4S Sport Turismo with 320 kW (435 PS) and all-wheel drive, optionally
    available with Performance Battery Plus and 360 kW (490 PS), from €107,439¹

  • Taycan GTS Sport Turismo with 380 kW (517 PS) and all-wheel drive, from €132,786¹

  • Taycan Turbo Sport Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS) and all-wheel drive, from €153,968¹ and

  • Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo with 460 kW (625 PS) and all-wheel drive, from €187,288¹

"The introduction of the Sport Turismo as the third body variant adds an athletic and practical all-rounder to our electric sports car model range," says Kevin Giek, Vice President Model Line Taycan. "I am certain that the new variant will continue the Taycan success story. The balance and variety among the five Sport Turismo models is something that I find particularly appealing: the range features everything from an incredibly agile rear-wheel drive car to the extremely powerful Turbo S."

From a standstill, the Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and its top speed is 260 km/h. The model with the greatest range is the Taycan 4S Sport Turismo, which stretches to 498 kilometres based on WLTP figures. Being part of the latest Taycan generation, the all-wheel drive Sport Turismo models have a particularly efficient drive strategy. Thermal management and charging functions have also been improved.

Both batteries can be charged from five to 80 per cent in 22 minutes and 30 seconds. This also means that only five minutes' charging is needed to create a further 100 km of range.

Functional design with lots of practical details
The Taycan Sport Turismo shares the sporty silhouette, rearward-sloping roof line and functional design of the Taycan Cross Turismo. In contrast to its sibling model, the Taycan Sport Turismo foregoes any off-road design elements. It is also available with rear-wheel drive.

The headroom in the rear is more than 45 millimetres greater than that of the Taycan sports saloon. An additional 9 mm of height is available above the driver's seat. The large tailgate also means that the luggage compartment can be accessed with ease. The opening is much longer, at 801 mm, and much higher, at 543 mm, than in the saloon (434 mm and 330 mm respectively).

The precise capacity of the rear luggage compartment depends on the included equipment. In combination with the Sound Package Plus, the luggage compartment can hold up to 446 litres (saloon: 407 litres). With the BOSE® Surround Sound System on board (included as standard as of the Taycan Turbo Sport Turismo), it can hold 405 litres. With the rear seats folded down (split-folding 60:40), the capacity can even be expanded to 1,212 or 1,171 litres respectively. And that's before the 84 litres in the front luggage compartment (frunk) are taken into consideration.

Panoramic roof with Sunshine Control: transparent or opaque at the touch of a finger
The new panoramic roof with Sunshine Control has electric glare protection as a special feature. The large glass surface is divided into nine sections that can be individually controlled. This means that specific sections or the entire roof can be made transparent or opaque. When set to the latter, the interior remains flooded with light.

In addition to these Clear and Matt settings, Semi or Bold can also be selected. These are predefined patterns with narrow or wide segments. It even has a dynamic Roller Blind setting, which activates a switching sequence in the individual segments when the Taycan driver slides their finger over an image of the roof in the display.

Remote Park Assist and Android Auto integration
The Taycan Sport Turismo is also cutting edge in terms of comfort, safety features and infotainment. With the optional Remote Park Assist, the driver can remotely control entering and leaving a parking space without needing to sit behind the wheel. Automatic control is possible for parallel and perpendicular parking spaces as well as garages. The system automatically detects a space and measures it with the aid of ultrasonic sensors and a camera.

In addition to Apple Car Play, Android Auto has also been integrated into the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system since the last model year update. As well as the iPhone, smartphones using the Google operating system – Android – are now also supported.

Moreover, the Voice Pilot voice assistant is now even better at understanding instructions in normal speech. The navigation system calculates more quickly, primarily uses the online search to find points of interest (POI), and displays its information more clearly. The Charging Planner has been further improved, is better at planning in fast-charging stations and avoids short charging stops. In addition, charging stations can now be filtered by performance class.

¹ All prices for the German market include 19 per cent VAT and country-specific equipment

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Consumption and emission data determined in accordance with the measurement procedure required by law. As all new cars offered by Porsche are type-approved in accordance with the WLTP, the NEDC values are therefore derived from the WLTP values.

Further information on the official fuel consumption and official, specific CO₂ emissions of new passenger cars is available in the publication entitled 'Guidelines on fuel consumption, CO₂ emissions and power consumption of new passenger cars,' which is available free of charge from all sales outlets and from DAT.

Taycan Sport Turismo models: Electrical consumption combined in kWh/100 km: 27,4 – 25,7 (NEFZ); 24,7 – 20,2 (WLTP); CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 0 (NEFZ); 0 (WLTP); Electric range WLTP in km: 358 – 498; Electric range urban WLTP in km: 433 – 620


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