June / July 2006

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The Extra Lap

The new 911 GT3 showed its versatility on a trip from Verona to the Adriatic – and on some fast rounds at the Adria International Raceway.

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Putting on the Pressure

The new 911 Turbo is packed with innovative technology. A workshop at the Development Center in Weissach provided details.

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Targa Glorio

The victory in the Targa Florio exactly fifty years ago was Porsche’s first big racing triumph. Mechanic Werner Enz remembers those exciting days in Sicily.

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A Man and a Place

Seventy-five years ago, Ferdinand Porsche set up an engineering office at Stuttgart’s Kronenstrasse 24. It paved the way for Porsche and for German automobile technology.

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Christophorus gets in the mood for the world soccer championship and shows with a wink that Porsche was always on the ball in past finals.

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The Other Jersey

Jersey has more to offer. Certainly, a tour around the island in the English Channel promises plenty of driving fun, even if the place doesn’t have many roads.

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News: The Middle East is a Region with Strong Potential

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News: AMI in Leipzig Attracts Large Crowds

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News: In the Fast Lane

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News: Short Notes

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