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The Porsche Sports Cup is divided into various racing series. A distinction is made between license-free and license-required series. License-free series include the Porsche Introduction to Racetrack and the Porsche Drivers Competition. No explicit prior knowledge is required from participants here.

The series requiring a license presuppose already existing basic knowledge about the general behavior on the race track in the form of a license. This applies to the Porsche Drivers Competition Pro, Porsche Sprint GT, Porsche Sprint Challenge and Porsche Endurance Challenge racing series. You can find out more detailed information about race licenses here.

Have we aroused your interest? Then you will find the registration documents for the Porsche Sports Cup racing series tailored to you under the registration forms.

Registration form

Would you like to acquire a motorsport licence or extend your current licence? Further information on racing licences can be found at the German Motorsport Federation at https://www.dmsb.de/active/.

Non license

With the Introduction to Racetrack, Porsche Deutschland and the Porsche Club Deutschland are offering a very special treat for customers who have not yet gained much experience in motorsport, but would like to just get a taste of a Porsche Sports Cup event. At each event you have the opportunity to attend the race track for 195,- Euro per person for one day. Experience an exclusive guided tour of the paddock and a driver’s meeting with the race management. Find out the theory and practice for the right behavior on the track and the right seating position in the car and drive a few laps around the track with your own Porsche vehicle – of course without any risk behind an experienced Porsche instructor.

Porsche hospitality, childcare, parking at the race track and exciting races, training sessions and qualifying sessions included. Please note that the number of participants per event day is limited to 30. The documents for registration for the Introduction to Racetrack are of course also available from your Porsche Centre. We will be happy to put you in touch with them.

At the Porsche Drivers Competition, ambitious Porsche drivers who have not yet acquired an international level D driver's license can further refine their knowledge and skills under the guidance of experienced Porsche Experience instructors. A prerequisite for participation is a national DMSB C license, which can be applied for at mein.dmsb.de. It is also possible to apply for a Race Card via the DMSB App or online at mein.dmsb.de. The aim of the Porsche Drivers Competition is to improve driving technique and not to achieve top speeds. First and foremost is the improvement of driving skills for everyday traffic and the safe control of one's own vehicle. Here the knowledge of the ideal line as well as the correct braking, turning and accelerating in and after curves is imparted. At the end of the training runs, an attractive regularity test is on the agenda.


For Porsche drivers who have already completed a license course, the Porsche Sports Cup offers four different series for a test of motor sport skills. In the regularity test Porsche Drivers Competition Pro, for which at least a national DMSB-C license is required, or the sprint races Porsche Sprint GT (with Michelin standard tires) and Porsche Sprint Challenge (with Michelin racing tires), for which at least an international driver license level D is required. There is also the possibility of competing in the Porsche Endurance Challenge, an endurance competition in two races of 50 minutes each in direct succession, which also requires at least the international DMSB license level D.

The classifications and race series are a challenge for drivers of all skill levels and convey the pure joy of driving a Porsche. Sprint race, long distance, pit stop, driver change, overtaking maneuvers, starting grid, finish - terms that promise excitement!