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Starting the engine left-handed.

Porsche and motor sports are virtually inseparable. Porsche’s decades-long racing tradition has always formed an intrinsic part of the brand. The left hand starts the engine: as early as 1925, the placement of the ignition switch to the left of the steering wheel enabled race drivers to start their engine even while they were still climbing into their car during the start from the pit wall at Le Mans. And when something works well, we keep it that way.

Porsche is active in motor sports – and will remain so – and that also goes for customer sports. The Porsche motor sports pyramid displays the breadth of Porsche’s presence in motor sports and shows which Porsche cars can be entered into the various race series.

The Porsche Sports Cup.

Between Porsche Sport Driving School’s sport driving events and the Porsche brand cups for professional race drivers, the Porsche Sports Cup offers the optimal entry into Porsche motor sports.

The Porsche Sports Cup encompasses six race series in all – from the Porsche Sports Cup Experience to the PZ-Driver’s Cup and PZ-Trophy consistency trials to the Porsche Sports Cup, Porsche Super Sports Cup and Porsche Sports Cup Endurance – an event suited to every level of driving ability.

The race weekends are held at famous tracks, including Hockenheim, the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps.

Depending on the series, an extremely wide range of Porsche models can be entered – Porsche Boxsters, Caymans or 911s in the entry level series, consistency trials, and races for cars with road legal tyres. At the Porsche Cup and GT3 R, race cars compete in the top series for race cars. But separate categories are also planned for classic Porsche models. The Porsche Sports Cup thus offers drivers the opportunity to experience motor sports with virtually every Porsche model.

You can find all the details on which car models are permitted in which series and assigned to which categories here.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2019, the Porsche Sports Cup is one of the world’s most successful customer and club sport series with up to 1,200 drivers per season.

Experience motor sports first hand.

Join in all the action at the Porsche Sports Cup first hand – follow the exciting races from the stands, accompany the teams in the pit lane, or experience the fascination of Porsche out on the track with you at the wheel. The Porsche Sports Cup provides a perfect environment for all kinds of motor sport enthusiasts: Porsche fans, first-time competitors and semi-professional race drivers.

5 racing circuits
6 events
1 experience – pure Porsche.