Porsche - Non-Licensed


With the PZ-Driver's Cup ambitious Porsche drivers without an international D-Level License have the possibility to improve their knowledge and skills under the guidance of experienced Porsche Sport Driving School instructors. Participation requires a national DMSB-C licence, which can be applied for under mein.dmsb.de. It is also possible to apply for a Race Card via the DMSB app or online under mein.dmsb.de.

The main aim of the PZ-Driver's Cup is to improve driving technique and not to achieve top speeds. The emphasis are placed on the improvement of the driving skills for everyday use and the handling of the own vehicle. The knowledge of the racing line, the right brake point and accelerating in the turns and after passages is given.

At the end of the rides, an attractive time trial is on the agenda. Every Porsche driver, who wants to drive his car under the guidance of experienced Porsche instructors on the racetrack, is in good hands at the PZ-Driver’s Cup.