Amendment since 2021

Nomenclature of the Porsche Sports Cup Series from 2021

In the Porsche motorsport world, there has been a variety of designations for sporting competitions, with some of the same titles for racing series and events. In the future, there should be a clear and uniform structure in the world of Porsche motorsport, followingly the nomenclatures of the individual racing series will be changed from 2021 onwards. The new names of the series can be found in the following overview:

until 2020from 2021
Porsche Sports Cup ExperienceIntroduction to Racetrack
PZ Driver's CupPorsche Drivers Competition
PZ TrophyPorsche Drivers Competition Pro
Porsche Sports CupPorsche Sprint GT
Porsche Super Sports CupPorsche Sprint Challenge
Porsche Sports Cup EndurancePorsche Endurance Challenge

New inclusion of the Cayman GT4 Clubsport in the Porsche Sports Cup from 2021

Starting next season, the Cayman GT4 Clubsport will be racing in the Porsche “Sprint GT” and not in the “Porsche Sprint Challenge” as before. In doing so, we want to offer the GT4 Clubsport vehicles an attractive platform and thus enable a smooth transformation into a purebred GT4 Clubsport series from 2023 onwards. Until the end of the 2022 season, road vehicles (produced tyres) and GT4 Clubsport vehicles (slick tyres) will be running together in this series. Additional participation of GT4 Clubsport vehicles in the “Porsche Endurance Challenge” is still possible. The necessary adjustments to the schedule will be communicated next season.
As before, both vehicles of the type 982 in the version Competition incl. Trophy package and vehicles according to GT4-SRO homologation. Vehicles of type 981 are also registered (also according to the corresponding GT4-SRO homologation).

Adjustment of qualification in the Porsche Sprint GT and Porsche Sprint Challenge

Qualification for the “Porsche Sprint GT” and the “Porsche Sprint Challenge” races will be adjusted from next season. From 2021 onwards, at least 2 timed rounds must be completed in qualifying training. The fastest lap time determines the starting position in the first race. The second fastest time serves as the basis for the starting line-up in the second race. As a result, even those who fail in the first race have a chance to be at the front in the second race.

New format for the Porsche Endurance Challenge from 2021

In order to emphasize the long-distance character of the Porsche Endurance Challenge even more clearly, there will be another coherent race starting in the 2021 season. The race distance is 100 minutes, with a mandatory pit stop for refueling, changing bikes and if necessary, a driver change. This must be completed in 45 to 60 minutes.

911 GT2 RS Clubsport gets its own class

Starting next season there will be a separate class ranking for the 991 GT2 RS Clubsport. The separate division applies to both the Porsche Sprint Challenge and the Porsche Endurance Challenge.