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Summer Tyres

Recommended by Porsche:
N-marked summer tyres.

Even on hot asphalt, your Porsche stays in top form – with the stable grip of N-marked summer tyres. We know that you can only enjoy each drive fully with a feeling of safety. That is why we work together with the engineers of leading manufacturers to develop summer tyres that are required to pass an extensive range of tests. For better road grip, more cornering stability and shorter braking distances – so that you can absolutely rely on your tyres at high driving speeds and temperatures. Therefore, before your next tyre change you should consult with your personal customer care advisor about N-marked summer tyres. It is good to know that you can recognise Porsche-recommended tyres by the N-marking on the tyre wall.

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Enough grip for the summer journey?

It is advisable to have the treads of your tyres checked in the summer too, because the tread and tread depth have a substantial effect on traction and braking distance. As the minimum tyre tread depth is approaching, the risk of aquaplaning increases exponentially. The recommended minimum tread depth for summer tyres is 3 mm. You can check this using a one-Euro coin: the gold border is exactly 3 millimetres wide. If you can still see it, it is definitely time for a new set of summer tyres with the N-marking. Tailor-made for your Porsche and available at your Porsche Centre.

N-marked summer tyres:
Stable performance, even at high temperatures.

Did you know that asphalt can reach temperatures of up to 60 °C in the summer? But you can keep a cool head with tyres that have been designed specifically for your Porsche. Along with an extensive phase of testing, the material properties of N-marked summer tyres are crucial for remaining stable at high temperatures. Their special rubber compound is perfectly suited to meeting the challenges of summer. N-marked summer tyres exhibit less wear, better grip, greater cornering stability, and shorter braking distances at high temperatures and high speeds. They are more fuel efficient, and their tread pattern is optimised for summer road surfaces. Enjoy the summer with your Porsche and the perfect combination of safety and driving pleasure – thanks to summer tyres with the N-marking.

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