December 2008 / January 2009

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Discovering the Fourth Dimension

Four doors, four seats — is it a Porsche? It is a Porsche, and what a Porsche it is! The Stuttgart sports-car maker’s fourth model series is an exploration of the fourth dimension. With the Panamera, Porsche has demonstrated that even in a four-seater, luxury and sportiness are not mutually exclusive. The Panamera is truly in a class of its own.

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Light on the Horizon

The newcomers: the Cayman and the Boxster promise even more pleasure and lower consumption thanks to their six-cylinder boxer engines with direct fuel injection and double-clutch transmission.

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Make Way for Clay

A new era begins at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix: from April 25 to May 3, 2009, Stuttgart will host the world’s first indoor clay court tournament.

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Direct from the Original Owner

Old-time Porsche tractors have attained cult status. That passion was on full display in Germany’s Tauber Valley, where 76 of the classic tractors showed their stuff to the public.

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A Porsche Pictorial: The Christophorus Poster

Due to popular demand, Christophorus is now offering its readers a special poster featuring all Porsche sports cars from 1948 to 2008 — including the new 911s.

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The Ultimate Tour de France

The fortunate members of the Porsche Travel Club don’t just get to drive beautiful cars down sublime stretches of road. Their tour of Southern France had plenty to offer to all the senses.

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News: Record Values

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News: Premiere for the New Generation 911 in Paris

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News: Six Titles for Porsche

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News: Two Cayennes on a Special Mission

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News: Top Grades from Customers

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