Porsche Assistance Service

Porsche Assistance Service

All Porsche customers enjoy the benefits of a warranty coverage that is one of a kind in Vietnam, with 4 years warranty for every new Porsche and the option to extend this warranty up to 10 years without any mileage limitation.

From now on, this warranty coverage also includes Porsche Assistance”. This exclusive emergency service, guarantees 24h nationwide assistance in the unfortunate case that your Porsche is immobilized. The Porsche Assistance Service is our commitment to a first class service and it is free of charge for all customers who purchased their Porsche or purchased a warranty extension starting from 01.01.2014.

One phone call will be enough and Porsche Assistance will take care of everything. The immobilized Porsche will be towed to the nearest Porsche Centre and in the event that the repair can’t be completed within a certain period of time, customers will have the choice to receive a replacement vehicle from Porsche Assistance for up to 5 days (executive model) or another mobility option (e.g. taxi or flight to destination, hotel accommodation etc.)


Porsche Assistance Service is also available for customers who purchased their Porsche or an extended warranty before 01.01.2014, but service charges will differ.

Porsche Assistance provides you with assistance around the clock – we are always there whenever you need us!

If you have questions about Porsche Assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Lam Gia Buu from our Service team who will be happy to assist you.

Ms. Lam Gia Buu
Tel: (+84 28) 5 4141 911
HP: (+84) 938 737 911