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Porsche - Herbert von Karajan

Herbert von Karajan

One of the most renowned Porsches of all—the 911 Turbo RS that belonged to maestro Herbert von Karajan—is back. The sports car had disappeared from view for years. But then it appeared in front of Karajan’s favorite concert hall in Salzburg—as otherworldly as ever.

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Porsche - Panamera Mexicana

Panamera Mexicana

Sometimes the beauty of everyday life only becomes visible when juxtaposed with something completely different. Along the band of asphalt known as the Ruta Panamericana, travelers encounter a nonchalance that unites the perfection of technical precision with the breezy verve of improvisation.

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Porsche - Chad McQueen

Chad McQueen

“My father’s love of racing was infectious.”

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Porsche - One in a Million

One in a Million

Although produced millions of times, these items are unique: photographer Henry Leutwyler documents everyday objects that have become something special because they’ve been used to accomplish something special. The mundane paintbrush, for example, with which Andy Warhol created world-famous works of art. Or Jimi Hendrix’s electric guitar. Or the pencil that Ferdinand Alexander Porsche used to make the first sketches of the Porsche 911.

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Porsche - Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor

The new Porsche Track Precision app assumes the role of driving instructor on the track. Three functions are especially fascinating. Precision as a learning objective: it can now be achieved with a smartphone thanks to the advance of digitization. A personal test.

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Porsche - 17:27.00 min.

17:27.00 min.

Thirty-seventh Monte Carlo Rally, January 25, 1968. It’s January 1968, and 230 teams from all around Europe have set off for the Monte Carlo Rally. As usual, the first dropouts occur on the way to the principality. The field is further thinned out on the Côte d’Azur. In the end, sixty teams start the most grueling and infamous race in the rally calendar: the final night of the rally in the frosty Maritime Alps.

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Porsche - Technology and Talent

Technology and Talent

Eight million people. Thousands of start-ups. Billions of dollars of venture capital. Silicon Valley is the Babel of the digital age, an incubator of geniuses, and a Mecca for visionaries. Right in its midst: Porsche Digital Inc. employees. We visit the future. It takes the form of a business trip with Thilo Koslowski, CEO of Porsche Digital, through an old new world. “You have to get beyond the facade of Silicon Valley to understand what’s behind all the hype.”

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Porsche - Future Spaces

Future Spaces

How will we live in the coming decades? Three central trends have emerged for urban living. Christophorus makes a house call to the future—and takes a car to the fifty-sixth floor to do so.

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Porsche - Journey through Time

Journey through Time

Bill MacEachern has had a singularly long-lived love affair with his Porsche. He has driven it more than a million kilometers—a distance that would take him to the Moon three times. He bought his first Porsche 911 with a turbocharged engine forty-one years ago. After all the years, adventures, heartaches, miles, and smiles, the car remains his four-wheeled soulmate.

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Porsche - The End of Night

The End of Night

Far ahead of the range visible to the driver, something lurks on the side of the road. A pedestrian or an animal—it’s impossible to say in the darkness. In such situations, the new Night Vision Assist from Porsche can make all the difference.

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Porsche - Bad Luck? Good Luck!

Bad Luck? Good Luck!

It’s a historic moment: Dr. Wolfgang Porsche is waiting, everyone else is waiting. Finally cameras start flashing and a green Porsche rolls from the line. The one-millionth 911 is here. There was a car before this one, of course: number 999,999. It missed entering the history books by a hair. Bad luck! Or perhaps not? We take a subjective look at narrowly missing the limelight and the happiness that comes with it.

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Porsche - Men at Play

Men at Play

“Playing is the most enjoyable way to pass the time without having to ask what the point is,” says Andreas Stadlbauer, head of the Carrera slot-car racing brand. He gets together with friends at the lake every year. There, the men lay down meters of track and switch points. Then they go all-out with their tiny cars. They’ll be back at it in a few days’ time.

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