June: Ready for the next victory at Le Mans.

Legends to leaf through—without words, but with history. If you’re searching for why the Porsche brand is so captivating, you can read through piles of specialist literature—or take a peek into the Porsche Museum’s automotive depot, hidden away in a secret location. Now it’s possible from your own home: with the 2017 Porsche calendar.

The session at the automotive depot is like a class reunion. Everyone sees each other again, and just about everyone has spruced up for the occasion. Some attendees reveal a lot about themselves, while others are more reserved. It was Dennis Orel and Oliver Kröning who brought this unique and iconic collection of racing and production cars together at a secret location—somewhere where the Swabians still speak Swabian and a 911 might even have four doors.

Orel and Kröning found their subjects for the 2017 Porsche calendar among everything from current models to prototypes that never went into production. This year’s motto is “Uncovered,” which explains why they were allowed to remove the covers from the cars and group their subjects in suitable constellations. “We want to combine the past and the present with the racetrack and the road. You can do this only by bringing the legendary predecessors of these sports cars into the shots,” explains Orel as he points to an image of a 718 Cayman S with a 904 peering out of a garage in the background. Its predecessor, in turn, was the original 718, which closes the circle between yesterday and today for the month of February.


September: The Panamera 4S ushers in the fall.

The year’s thirteen images are both similar and surprisingly diverse. They reveal 43 iconic cars—each one embodying why the Porsche brand never ceases to fascinate.

Text by Christina Rahmes
Photos by Studio Orel

2017 Porsche calendar

Includes an exclusive collector’s medallion and a set of postcards with the calendar images.
Price: €39
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