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Porsche - Flying high

Flying high

Mark Webber is a race-car driver by trade and an avid helicopter pilot in his free time. He has recently been training with the crew of Air Zermatt, who perform heroic mountain rescues—and he has reached new heights in the process.

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Porsche - Achim Anscheidt, B AA 9117 H

Achim Anscheidt, B AA 9117 H

Bugatti’s design director Achim Anscheidt works in Wolfsburg. On weekdays he travels by bicycle, train, or Golf GTI. But on weekends he drives his 911. Anscheidt designed the Bugatti Chiron—the world’s most luxurious series-produced super sports car. For his own personal Porsche, he preaches minimalism, or what he calls “back to basics.”

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Porsche - Classic Grip

Classic Grip

Tires have a decisive impact on handling. That’s true for new Porsches, and it’s equally true for classic models. New tires are now available for nearly every Porsche model up to fifty years old. Technically revised and intensively tested—including by Walter Röhrl.

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Porsche - Art in Los Angeles

Art in Los Angeles

Living portraits—or when art imitates life and turns three dimensions into two. Saying that Alexa Meade paints people is an accurate description of what she does—and yet it utterly fails to do her work justice. This young American artist applies paint to her subjects, who happen to be living people, and then collapses them into two-dimensional elements of colored backgrounds. The composition of person and background creates the portrait. In doing so, she challenges our customary modes of perception—not to mention the self-image of her models.

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Porsche - Harnessing air and water

Harnessing air and water

The indirect charge-air cooling system in the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman represents a new milestone in turbo technology—pioneered by Porsche.

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Porsche - Highland Society

Highland Society

The landscape: majestic. The top: open. The drive: fabulous. Porsche made only nineteen right-hand-drive 356 Speedsters. Four of them found their way to the United Kingdom, where two are still in use. Both are marking their sixtieth birthday—the perfect excuse to take “Lady Misty” on a tour through Scotland, traveling on some of the most beautiful and excit­ing roads to be found anywhere in Europe.

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Porsche - Ideal situation

Ideal situation

Instability control. Taking it to the limit, safely and surely: The new Sport mode in Porsche Stability Management helps ambitious Porsche drivers reach the very limits of vehicle control—and the pinnacle of driving pleasure.

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Porsche - A dream come true

A dream come true

A Perfectionist’s Passion. Hans-Peter Porsche collects old tin—or, more precisely, model trains and toys produced over the past one hundred and fifty years. And to house his treasures, he’s created a “dream factory”: the TraumWerk.

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Porsche - “Ten minutes of insanity.”

“Ten minutes of insanity.”

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, also known as the Race to the Clouds, is ­celebrating its centenary this year. Jeff Zwart has driven a Porsche in this legendary race more times than any other driver in its history.

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Porsche - “Innovations are the future.”

“Innovations are the future.”

Oliver Blume, the new CEO of Porsche, has taken the helm at a time of far-reaching changes. How much longer will we be using com­bustion engines? How much longer still will we be sitting at the wheel? When will computers start driving cars? Blume’s answers are self-­assured and courageous—and not for people with rigid ideas.

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Porsche - Driving like Walter.

Driving like Walter.

Self-driving cars will soon be upon us. But will they be fun?

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Porsche - In pursuit of curves.

In pursuit of curves.

This year saw the centennial running of Sicily’s legendary Targa Florio. The Porsche 718 Cayman is the ideal car to trace the racing line on the scenic 72-kilometer circuit: the new model evokes the storied success of its brilliant namesake.

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Porsche - Dry as Dust

Dry as Dust

Panamera extreme. Quality doesn’t come out of thin air. To perfect the sportiest sedan in the luxury segment, the test crew hits the road in South Africa. It is rocky. And dusty. And hot.

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Porsche - Le Mans Rapprochement

Le Mans Rapprochement

The Porsche legend in Le Mans begins in a village garage. A small auto shop a few kilometers from the circuit has been the home of the Porsche team in Le Mans for more than thirty years. It is here, in the village of Teloché, where preparations are made to win the famous endurance race.

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Porsche - Jan Koum

Jan Koum

“The desire to buy a Porsche motivated me to work even harder.”

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