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Porsche - Rajendra Kumar Jain

Rajendra Kumar Jain

Home is where the garage is. His home and his garage are separated by a distance of 7,192 kilometers. Rajendra Kumar Jain lives and works in London. But his Porsche 356 SC with license plate number MH 01 P 626 lives in Mumbai—a long-distance love affair.

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Porsche - Angelique Kerber

Angelique Kerber

“My 911 suits me well.”

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Porsche - A Model Touch

A Model Touch

Giving shape to the cars of the future—this is the challenge faced by model builders. The result: dazzling 1:1 scale design models. The Porsche Weissach Development Center is abuzz with milling, sintering, and modeling. With state-of-the-art technology and speed. A look behind the scenes.

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Porsche - The Strategists

The Strategists

The master plan. Everyone is at the ready, and there is a keen sense of anticipation. On June 18 and 19, Porsche will enter the 919 Hybrid in the 24 Hours of Le Mans for the third time. The car already beat out the other contenders in 2015, only its second year of competing. How was that possible?

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Porsche - 7:54:52.6 hours

7:54:52.6 hours

Sunburned and oil-streaked, Umberto Maglioli climbs out of the 550 A Spyder after driving to the greatest victory yet for the young Porsche brand.

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Porsche - Havana’s Forgotten Treasures

Havana’s Forgotten Treasures

Frosty relations between the United States and Cuba have finally thawed after more than half a century. Yet in spite of the rapprochement, Cuba remains a mystery. A harmless appointment at the Porsche Club in Havana almost turns into a spy thriller.

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Porsche - Lighting the Way

Lighting the Way

Better visibility and less glare: Matrix LED headlights use 218 spotlights to better illuminate even more of the road.

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Porsche - Next


Lightweight, fast, powerful, and agile are just some of the words that describe the Porsche 718. Already a legend, the paragon of sports cars has now been revamped with four cylinders and a turbocharged engine.

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Porsche - Right-sizing


More with less. When the little guy triumphs over the giants, he’s bound to have the crowd on his side—one reason, undoubtedly, why Porsche has thrilled its fans from the outset. The traditional Porsche creed has always been about generating impressive power with comparatively small engines, and so it remains to this day. Some call this form of clever efficiency “right-sizing,” and there are plenty of examples of it to be found in Porsche’s rich history of domination on the racetrack.

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Porsche - The Transaxle Era

The Transaxle Era

When Porsche redefined itself. Forty years after the debut of the 924, the Porsche Museum is devoting an exhibition to the transaxle era. It will be the first time that several 924, 944, 968, and 928 models are shown to the public. Once the vanguard of a revolution, these cars are now hot commodities on the collectors’ market.

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Porsche - Lights that sing

Lights that sing

A gleaming Panamera wrapped in chrome chauffeurs the blues songstress through the home of her dreams—an adventure of scintillating sound and color through the Las Vegas night and into the morning. From the rear of the car in chrome, Kayy Nova bursts into song, with a voice as powerful and smooth as the engine of the Panamera.

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Porsche - Sound Check

Sound Check

To make sure every Porsche truly sounds like a Porsche, acoustics experts compose the right melodies for new models. From the boxer engines of today to the electric cars of tomorrow, Porsche experts at the Weissach Development Center create individual sound concepts for every generation of engines.

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Porsche - The Art of Reduction

The Art of Reduction

Is it possible to build a car today with the same ideals and inspiration of half a century ago? Porsche has done exactly that, and the result is the new 911 R. A sports car distilled to its essence.

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