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There is nothing that Porsche doesn’t approach from a sporty perspective. An extremely sporty perspective. The new Cayenne demonstrates this approach as impressively as the 911 GT3. We illuminate the creative process behind this type of cutting-edge technology by looking at prototypes from different eras.

Not only the new Cayenne but also detailed technical background coverage of roof systems and car keys show that complex solutions both large and small are constantly being developed as part of the vibrant culture of innovation at Porsche.

The Porsche Sport Driving School has been sharpening customers’ driving skills for 40 years now, and we also cover the return of the LMP1 factory team to Le Mans. The racing team lets you in on something that few are privileged to share – namely racing communications.

We also show you how a real Porsche model is made out of perfectly normal Lego bricks.

You’ll find out more in the articles themselves, which are published here on a biweekly basis.

We wish you much reading pleasure!

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