Shock Absorber 993

It’s good to let everything stay the same: when it comes to driving characteristics.

Your Porsche 993 is an original. You can see that from its looks, its character, but above all from the way it drives. Because, when it comes to sports performance, from the very beginning this model was designed for comfort. And you shouldn’t have to do without that.

However there was a problem if the shock absorbers became defective. The standard parts originally made for those chassis were no longer available. But Porsche Classic has reissued them and is once again fulfilling the original development objective.

Thanks to modern technology, the new dampers are even better than the originals in some aspects. Because the new technology provides the balance between even finer settings and achieving the original interpretation of sport and comfort. After all, nothing has been left to chance in the new design. The Porsche developers – who also test and approve the current series produced vehicles – worked closely with damper experts, Bilstein, who were involved in equipping the Porsche 993 RS even back in the nineties.

This understanding has resulted in a technology that combines the latest knowledge with the highest Porsche standards. Because your classic model should still be fast and safe, even close to the driving limits. And, especially when combined with modern N-rated tyres – which have also been tested and approved by Porsche for your model – your Porsche 993 will start to show previously unimagined strengths.

By changing the shock absorbers you will be giving your Porsche back its original roadholding. And for a long time to come – because the system of single-tube dampers is extremely low on wear. A benefit achieved by the special friction bearings inside the dampers with a clever constant lubrication system.

The perfect shock absorber for your 993

Shock absorber 993 – Rear left/right. Part No.: 99333305138Shock absorber 993 – Rear left/right. Part No.: 99333305138
Shock absorber 993 – Front right. Part No.: 99334304240Shock absorber 993 – Front right. Part No.: 99334304240
Shock absorber 993 – Front left. Part No.: 99334304140Shock absorber 993 – Front left. Part No.: 99334304140
Shock absorber 993 Turbo/sports suspension – Rear left/right. Part No.: 99333305139Shock absorber 993 Turbo/sports suspension – Rear left/right. Part No.: 99333305139
Shock absorber 993 Turbo/sports suspension – Front right. Part No.: 99334304239Shock absorber 993 Turbo/sports suspension – Front right. Part No.: 99334304239
Shock absorber 993 Turbo/sports suspension – Front left. Part No.: 99334304139Shock absorber 993 Turbo/sports suspension – Front left. Part No.: 99334304139

Front axle shock absorbers.

To compensate for the lateral forces on the struts at high cornering speeds, the front axle setting has been changed to upside-down technology together with single-tube gas pressure dampers. The piston rod is now supported at the bottom of the damper. The cartridge projects from the top of the working cylinder which also contains the gas pressure cushion.

Rear axle shock absorbers.

The single-tube gas pressure damper is installed in the conventional position: chromiumplated damper rod at the top, gas cushion at the bottom. As learned from decades on the racetracks of this world. However, a whole new way of thinking was involved in establishing the damper characteristics – bundles of small round steel plates were stacked together and fitted in the damper as valve bodies. The material composition? Well, that’s a secret.

They had perfect roadholding in the past. So why do without it today?

To get that original driving experience, there are two versions available: one for the 993 and one for the 993 Turbo/ sports suspension.

Shock absorbers 993

Front left
Front right
Rear left/right

Shock absorbers 993 Turbo/sports suspension

Front left
Front right
Rear left/right

Please note that the shock absorbers must always be replaced for each axle or – depending on the vehicle equipment – also completely for both front and rear axles.

Further information on the shock absorbers for your Porsche 993 and other Porsche Classic Genuine Parts is available from your Porsche Classic Partner and in your Porsche Centre. They also hold technical information for you, including installation instructions and details on any additional parts you might have to order.