The new Taycan GTS.
The new Taycan GTS now charges the Porsche electric driving experience with even more intense emotions.

Two body shapes.

The Taycan is uncompromising and perfect for the everyday. Striking proportions, timeless and instantly recognisable design. With a spacious interior and two luggage compartments, providing comfort and convenience for four.

Taycan 4 Cross Turismo

The Taycan Cross Turismo embraces your lifestyle, with an enlarged rear luggage compartment and even more spacious interior. Its bold capability is further highlighted by the characteristic accents of the Off-road Design Package.

360° Experience.

Porsche - ExterieurPorsche - Exterieur



For the Taycan, even distant destinations are within easy reach. The Performance Battery Plus provides the Taycan with a WLTP range of up to 512 kilometres. Reducing the need to stop and charge, allowing you to cover long distances effortlessly.

800-volt architecture.

The Porsche soul stands for performance. In every respect. As demonstrated by the Taycan, even when charging: its 800-volt architecture produces charge power of up to 270kW. In 4.5 minutes, the Taycan Turbo, for example, can be charged to enable a range of up to 100km (WLTP) under optimum conditions¹ and is always ready for what its driver spends the whole day dreaming about: driving.

¹ Optimum conditions: CCS speed charging pedestal with >270kW, >850V, battery temperature 30 to 35°C and output state of charge 5%.

Drive concept.

The interaction of the drive components results in impressive performance figures, both technically and emotionally: when up to 560kW (761PS) overboost is activated with Launch Control, both motors accelerate the Taycan Turbo S from a standstill to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds. Allowing you to experience a standing start performance on a par with that of a super sports car such as the 918 Spyder – that can be repeatedly reproduced: consecutive acceleration is possible, up to a top speed of 260km/h.

Dynamic flyline.

We instantly know what is good for our soul – and what inspires it. The Taycan reveals its fascination within fractions of a second: with a fluid yet sharp silhouette and a dynamic flyline. Its rear design boasts a seamless light strip and ‘PORSCHE’ logo made of three-dimensional letters in a glass look. Seen enough? Definitely not.

Porsche Advanced Cockpit.

We never forget the most breathtaking experiences of our life. The Taycan interior is also impressive. The GT multifunction sports steering wheel¹ and the deep, sporty seating position heighten your anticipation of the journey ahead long before you set off. The Porsche Advanced Cockpit with its innovative curved display also focuses on state-of-the-art comfort – tailor-made for an electrifying driving experience that will last forever.

¹ In conjunction with Sport Chrono Package; as standard on the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo.

Range calculation.

With the range indicator, you can determine the estimated range for your journey. The calculation is based on your personal driving profile, your travelling conditions and the respective model equipment. Please select the options relevant for you. Range calculation. The range indicator only gives estimated values, as not all factors that can influence the range of the vehicle are considered (e.g. driving style, age and condition of the battery, etc.). Therefore, the actual range achieved may be greater or less than the determined value.

Estimated range:

310 km

Your driving profile Your driving profile Using the driving profile, you can individually depict your everyday life and specify whether you are travelling in city traffic, on country roads or on the motorway. The different driving profiles have an impact on the estimated range.

Country road

Travelling conditions Travelling conditions With the outside temperature regulator, you can test how the outside temperature impacts the range. The air conditioning and heating greatly influence the energy consumption of your Taycan. When calculating the range influences, it is assumed that you have set the interior temperature to 22°C and that the vehicle is preconditioned at the start of the journey. Alternatively, the air conditioning can be set to 'ECO PLUS' or completely switched off.

Outside temperature
Air conditioning

Model equipment


Information about wheels can be found here.

Explore the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models in detail.

Learn more about the highlights of the Taycan, Taycan GTS and Taycan Cross Turismo in these chapters.

Porsche - Explore the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo models in detail.
Porsche - Design
Explore Design
Taycan Models

Taycan Models


Two cars that reflect the future – and yet instantly reveal the Porsche soul. The Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo will grab your attention, even when stationary.

Taycan exterior design.


Lateral air intakes ahead of the front wheels – so-called aircurtains – also improve the aerodynamics, by guiding incoming air over the wheels like a curtain, thereby reducing turbulence.

Four-point LED headlights.

Directly above these is the highlight of the front: four-point LED headlights¹ with matrix beam that combine all the light functions in a single component and appear to be floating.

¹ Optionally available. Standard on the Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S.

Automatically extending door handles.

The silhouette is characterised by a dynamic, flat flyline. Flush, automatically extending door handles open the vehicle interior with its deep, sporty seating position.

Panoramic fixed glass roof.

There are two roof options: the contoured variant made of lightweight aluminium with an indentation in the middle creates a shape that is known to us from motorsport. Alternatively, a panoramic fixed glass roof provides an open, airy feeling.

Rear design.

The rear design boasts a seamless light strip and ‘PORSCHE’ logo made of three-dimensional letters in a glass look. Above these are the Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA) in the form of a three-stage rear spoiler system.

Taycan Cross Turismo exterior design.

Cross Turismo design.

Front and rear aprons and sideskirts have a distinctive design. The external appearance is perfectly complemented by wheel arch mouldings and unique wheel designs.

Ground clearance.

With 20mm more ground clearance than the Taycan, the Taycan Cross Turismo shows that its versatility extends beyond everyday life even when stationary.

Off-road design package.

The optional off-road design package also provides a further 10mm of ground clearance at the ‘middle’ chassis level as well as integrated off-road design flaps for the lower valance, sideskirts and rear diffuser.


The profile reveals not only the iconic Porsche flyline, but also the rear in Cross Turismo design with a painted roof spoiler in black (high-gloss), large tailgate and flat rear screen – providing more headroom for rear passengers. This is particularly worthwhile in view of the extra-large panoramic fixed glass roof embedded in the shape of the vehicle.

Panoramic fixed glass roof.

It reaches way beyond the second row of seats and offers spectacular views of the passing sky. Optionally available roof rails makes it possible to install a practical roof box.

Optional rear-mounted bike carrier.

For joint expeditions into the countryside, the rearmounted bike carrier, which is available on request, means you can take with you up to three additional bicycles. A weight-dependent damping system ensures smooth folding – even when fully loaded – and thus convenient access to the boot.


Mechanical buttons have been almost entirely replaced by digital ones. This makes the interior look extremely tidy. The same principle of tidiness also applies to the displays, of which there are up to four – intuitive, distraction-free and easy to use.

16.8-inch curved display.

The arrangement is also driver-focused, as is typical of Porsche: the instrument cluster is the centre of attention, consisting of a 16.8-inch curved display and surrounded by control panels with Direct Touch Control for selecting lighting and chassis functions.

Head-up display.

In addition, the optional head-up display projects the main driving information directly in the driver’s field of vision.

Optional compass display.

And if you look to the right in the Taycan Cross Turismo, you will discover another analogue highlight: the optional compass display on the dashboard.

Communication Management.

Your central control unit for audio, navigation and communication: Porsche Communication Management (PCM). The PCM display on the 10.9-inch central display on the dashboard can be individually configured, allowing direct access to the most important functions.

8.4-inch centre console control panel.

This provides access to navigation, media, telephone, settings and Apple CarPlay via a menu bar which can be disabled. The luggage compartment and charging flaps can also be opened and closed from here. The charging display and battery charge status can also be viewed.


Information about wheels can be found here.

The interior in detail.

Interior design.

From the outside, it is a mere formality to quickly identify a Porsche as such. And in the interior, you can also sense distinctive Porsche genes in the new Taycan. The basic features of the interior architecture are sporty, minimalist and clear; the wing extending from the centre console catches your eye and appears to be floating. The innovative cockpit displays are clearly driver-oriented, allowing you to keep an eye on the most important information, even during dynamic driving.


The ascending centre console underlines the unmistakable Porsche cockpit focused on the driver, with a low seating position. This takes the form of an eight or optionally up to 14¹ or 18-way² adjustable seat with integrated headrests. You can also choose between sustainably treated OLEA club leather or a leather-free interior with high-quality Race-Tex microfibre material and an innovative textile material with a 3D look.

¹ Standard in the Taycan Turbo.

² Standard in the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan GTS.

Multifunction sports steering wheel.

If the standard multifunction sports steering wheel including recuperation button is not sporty enough, you can maximise the motorsport feel with the optional multifunction GT sports steering wheel¹. It features a mode switch, as well as a top centre marking.

¹ In conjunction with Sport Chrono Package; as standard on the Taycan Turbo S.

Sustainable materials.

The carpet and floor mats are made of sustainable Econyl thread. This is recycled fibre that is manufactured from used fishing nets, among other things.

Ambient lighting.

On request, the Taycan also comes with ambient lighting that illuminates the interior. You can, of course, adjust the colour and brightness to your taste.

Advanced Climate Control.

The innovative Advanced Climate Control air conditioning (dual or four-zone) may not be visible, but is certainly noticeable – the logical evolution of traditional automatic climate control systems. Slat-free air outlets are electrically controlled via Porsche Communication Management (PCM), enabling precise airflow and distribution.

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Explore Performance
Porsche - Emotionally charged and future-oriented.
Emotionally charged and future-oriented.
What applied to the legendary model 356 from 1948, applies even more so to the new Taycan and new Taycan Cross Turismo: a vehicle concept that reflects changing automotive times requires a soul with the prestigious Porsche title.

Battery and drive.

Performance battery.

The Taycan battery exploits its huge potential by using pouch cells, chemically optimised for maximum performance with a long range: in the large capacity version (Performance Battery Plus), there 33 modules with a total of 396 cells. The more compact Performance Battery that is fitted as standard in the Taycan and Taycan 4S produces its energy from 28 modules with a total of 336 cells. The Taycan Turbo, Taycan Turbo S and Taycan GTS as well as all Taycan Cross Turismo models feature the Performance Battery Plus as standard.

The battery is also based on 800-volt technology instead of the usual 400 volts. The effect: improved charging and drive performance with smaller cable cross-sections, which has a positive impact on the overall weight. The cooling system ensures that the drive is optimally supplied with energy in any situation. And an extremely robust battery frame ensures maximum safety even in the event of an accident.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors.

The key to designing an outstanding drive to start with a clean sheet and a purpose-led approach: no compromises with the perfect interaction of drive components. Two Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors are therefore installed in the Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo, Taycan Turbo S and Taycan GTS as well as in the Taycan Cross Turismo models – one on each axle – and the performance battery plus¹ is integrated deep in the underbody. The effect: superior driving dynamics and all-wheel drive that can be optimally adjusted to the fluctuation between efficiency and dynamics in the various driving modes.

¹ Optionally available for the Taycan and Taycan 4S. Standard in the Taycan Cross Turismo models.

Switching two-speed transmission.

A newly developed, automatically switching two-speed transmission on the rear axle ensures noticeably improved dynamics. The extremely short-ratio first gear benefits initial acceleration, while the long-ratio second gear holds acceleration reserves for high-speed manoeuvres.


The interaction of the drive components produces impressive performance figures, both technically and emotionally: with up to 560kW (761PS) overboost is activated with Launch Control, both machines accelerate the Taycan Turbo S from a standstill to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds. And this can be repeatedly reproduced: consecutive acceleration is possible, up to a top speed of 260km/h.


For brake energy recuperation in all Taycan models, Porsche developed Porsche Recuperation Management (PRM), which consists of sophisticated brake recuperation. The system works innovatively and can recuperate up to 90% of the braking energy. Level can be adjusted to suit your own preferences, while the brake recuperation always ensures maximum efficiency. This means that brake recuperation is first activated via the brake pedal and the mechanical brake is only engaged when stronger braking is required – intelligently controlled by a braking system that is capable of blending.

So you significantly improve your car's stopping power and the maximum possible amount of kinetic energy is transformed into additional miles of driving pleasure: with an outstanding recuperation output of up to 275kW, energy can be fed back into the battery. Or to be more precise: during sporty, everyday driving, for example, you could achieve up to a third of your range exclusively from recuperation. With recuperation braking from 200km/h to 0, electrical energy can be recovered for a range of up to 4km.

Driving modes.

The Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo are designed to be comfortable at any speed. And their Porsche Crest guarantees that they have intelligent systems to ensure that their drivers are equally comfortable.

Gravel mode.

Gravel mode is reserved for the Cross Turismo and optimises driving in easy terrain, for example over gravel or mud. For even more freedom – also off the beaten track.

Launch Control.

The Launch Control function also produces maximum acceleration from a standing start. It can be activated in both Sport and Sport Plus mode to prepare all systems for a rapid get-away – and delivers incredible power to the tarmac: in the first 2.5 seconds, the Taycan Turbo S covers more ground than a 918 Spyder.


Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB)¹ combines a cast-iron brake disc with a ceramic coating. The brakes not only boast white calipers, other advantages include the corrosion resistance of the brake discs, even after a long period of standstill, and considerably less brake dust formation. The result: the wheels and brake system stay clean for longer.

¹ Optionally available. Standard in the Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo.

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB).

Or you can choose the extremely light Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB) – standard equipment in the Taycan Turbo S. Our high performance brake has its origins in motorsport and enables a short braking distance, especially under high loads.


Adaptive air suspension.

Adaptive air suspension¹ ensures the perfect balance between comfort and performance. For optimum aerodynamics and, last but not least, an improved drag coefficient: increased range with maximum performance.

Standard in the Taycan 4S, Taycan GTS, Taycan Turbo, Taycan Turbo S and all Taycan Cross Turismo models. Optionally available for the Taycan.

Porsche Active Suspension Management.

The chassis with Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) provides additional stability: an electronic damping control system that adjusts the damping force, based on current road conditions and your driving style. This prevents annoying body roll and improves comfort in all seats.

Smart Lift.

The new Smart Lift¹ function provides additional convenience. This innovative feature allows the chassis level to be automatically lifted at locally programmable points. In addition, an efficiency-based levelling strategy is automatically deployed on motorways.

¹ Availability varies by country.

Rear-axle steering.

Rear-axle steering steers¹ the rear wheels in the same or the opposite direction to the front wheels, depending on the speed. This has the virtual effect of shortening or extending the wheelbase – depending on the situation. For increased stability at high speed, improved lateral acceleration on country roads and a reduced turning circle in everyday situations.

¹ Optionally available. Standard in the Turbo S models.

Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport.

The roll stabilisation of Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport)¹ also ensures sporty dynamics. This system, which is also used in other model ranges, almost entirely offsets lateral body inclination, thereby allowing the wheels to hold the road better. It also reduces lateral instability on uneven ground.

¹ Optionally available for the Taycan 4S, Taycan GTS, Taycan Turbo, Taycan Turbo S and all Cross Turismo models.

Torque Vectoring Plus.

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus)¹ enhances driving dynamics and stability. Depending on the steering angle and driving speed, accelerator pedal position, yaw rate and speed, it improves the lateral response and accuracy by precisely applying brake pressure to the left or right rear wheel while adjusting the differential locking pressure.

¹ Optionally available. As standard for the Taycan GTS, the Turbo and Turbo S models.

4D Chassis Control.

To ensure that these systems interact perfectly, we have developed Porsche 4D Chassis Control: an integrated chassis control system that directs and synchronises the control units of the individual chassis components – for optimally balanced chassis set-up in every situation.

Increased ground clearance.

The Taycan Cross Turismo also offers 20mm more ground clearance. With the optional off-road design package, this can even be increased to 30mm. This means that nothing stands in the way of your individual desire for freedom, even on unpaved terrain.

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Explore Charging
Taycan Models

Taycan Models

Top speed. Even when at a standstill.

In terms of charging time and range, the Taycan and the Taycan Cross Turismo also demonstrate their Porsche genes. Because we believe that a sports car should be ready to set off at all times, we do our utmost to facilitate simple charging that is integrated into everyday life. Because the only thing you should think about is where to go next.

Charging at home and on the road.

Because we not only think about the product, but also about the environment in which it is used, Porsche is involved in the development of a nationwide charging infrastructure: both with its own solutions and together with IONITY and Electrify America – who have established an extensive speed charging network along motorways in Europe, as well as in the USA and Canada. The Porsche Charging Service gives Porsche Taycan customers three years’ free access to the specified partner networks, where they can charge their vehicles at discounted terms. As well as these speed charging networks, several thousand charging options are also available via the Porsche Charging Service. Added to this are the charging stations of the Porsche Destination Charging Network at selected locations, such as luxury hotels and restaurants.

Mobile Charger.

Use the standard Mobile Charger Plus to charge the vehicle – connected to your mains supply. Or the optional intelligent Mobile Charger Connect with touchscreen. You can also conveniently attach the Mobile Charger Connect to your garage wall in the optionally available Charging Dock. The My Porsche App allows you to access information about the remaining charging time or battery charge.

Home Energy Manager.

To enable you to charge your vehicle quickly and easily at home, we have developed the Porsche Home Energy Manager: an intelligent control unit, built into the power distribution box, which communicates with your charger. It makes sure that your household electric appliances are supplied with sufficient energy while your car is being charged in the garage. This also allows you to make targeted use of your own solar power.

Porsche Turbo Charging.

Porsche Turbo Charging at many Porsche Centres further expands the Porsche charging network. Here, you can charge the Taycan Turbo for example to achieve a range of up to 100km in 4.5 minutes (WLTP) under optimum conditions¹. Thanks to the on-board DC charger² with 150kW, you can also conveniently use public 400-volt charging stations.

¹ Optimum conditions: CCS speed charging pedestal with >270kW, >850V, battery temperature 30 to 35°C and output state of charge 5%.
² Optionally available, depending on the country.

Porsche Intelligent Range Manager.

Furthermore, you can use the Porsche Intelligent Range Manager, optionally available in selected countries, to precisely adapt relevant systems on long journeys with active navigation, so as to minimise travel time, including charging stops. Among other things, your vehicle's top speed and air conditioning are adjusted so that you achieve maximum range with optimum comfort and the best possible performance.

Porsche Charging Service.

Thanks to the Porsche Charging Service, charging at public pedestals is even easier: The Charging by My Porsche App allows you to find e-charging points in a number of countries, start the charging process and make payments. There is no need to register with the respective provider. Charging is conveniently administered and invoiced via your Porsche ID account. The latest charging options can be accessed at any time via the Porsche Communication Management of your vehicle in the My Porsche App.

Discover more about Porsche E-Performance, electromobility and the sports car of the future.

Discover more about Porsche E-Performance, electromobility and the sports car of the future.

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Explore Comfort
Taycan Models

Taycan Models


But the Taycan Cross Turismo not only provides drivers and passengers with a comfortable travel experience and plenty of space. The same applies to the flexible storage areas. The front luggage compartment is complemented by an enlarged rear boot, which can be extended from 446 litres¹ to a total of 1.212 litres¹ when the rear seat backrests are folded down. In addition, the functional and foldable luggage compartment cover can be easily stowed behind the rear seats and the vehicle can be conveniently loaded and unloaded via the enlarged tailgate.

¹ May be lower, depending on the specification.

This not only makes it possible to create weekends that include a wide range of activities, but also to master the demands of everyday life.

Assistance systems.*

*Assistance Systems service availability depends on country. For more information on availability in your vehicle, please log in to the Porsche Connect Store with your Porsche ID.

Porsche InnoDrive including adaptive cruise control.

As part of Porsche InnoDrive including automatic distance control, the system increases the prediction horizon to up to 3km. It combines information from the radar and video systems with navigation data and uses this to determine speed limits and topographical road features before you reach them. The speed and gearshift strategy can therefore be modified to suit the selected driving mode. All according to Porsche standards. So you get more driving pleasure and efficiency from every metre.

Active Lane Keeping.

Another feature of Porsche InnoDrive including automatic distance control is Active Lane Keeping, which combines automatic distance control and lane-keeping functionality. The system follows the queue of traffic ahead and lane markings, within the limits of the system, and keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane by continuous steering adjustments – even in congested conditions. For appreciable stress relief and greater comfort on long journeys.

Lane Change Assist & Night Vision Assist.

Lane Change Assist indicates whether a vehicle is in your blind spot as you move to change lanes. And at night, Night Vision Assist uses an infrared camera to provide support–pedestrians and wildlife are displayed as thermal images.

Porsche Entry & Drive.

Comfort Access allows you to leave your car key in your pocket, by recognising the encrypted access code stored on the key. All Taycan Cross Turismo models can be conveniently started using the electric power button to the left of the steering wheel or by simply selecting a gear.

Surround View and Active Parking Assistance.

If you prefer your Taycan to park itself while you remain in the vehicle, Active Parking Assistance takes over the steering and the forward and reverse movements of your Taycan. Surround View 3D gives you optimum control when manually parking and leaving a parking space by allowing you to manage the perspective yourself. Manoeuvring Assist, Exit Warning and the Exit Manoeuvre Warning provide even more safety.

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Taycan Models

Taycan Models

An adrenaline rush that never fades.
Jump in, buckle up and get your pulse racing: the new Taycan GTS embodies pure Porsche E-Performance. 440kW (598PS) of overboost power with Launch Control, a GTS-specific drivetrain tune for increased agility and the distinctive Porsche Electric Sport Sound typical of the GTS, make every drive an event. The unique GTS interior elevates the driving experience, with optional decorative stitching in Carmine Red or Crayon.
SportDesign elements.
The athletic look is further enhanced by the standard SportDesign upper valance in a unique design and the sideskirts with inlays in black with the GTS logo. The optional carbon SportDesign package also accentuates the best form with carbon inlays for the lower valance and sideskirts, as well as a GTS-specific rear diffuser in black with carbon side fins.
LED main headlights with matrix beam.

The LED main headlights with matrix beam in black including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) also leave no doubt about their GTS DNA, with the daytime running light element trims in matt black and 3D track graphics.

Logos in Black.

The sporty appearance is further enhanced by other design elements in black, such as the light strip with 'PORSCHE' logo, the rear 'Taycan GTS' logo and the GTS logo on the inlays of the sideskirts.

Panoramic Roof with Variable Light Control.¹

¹Available for all Taycan models from 06/2022.


The variable segments can be individually dimmed in real time via PCM or via Direct Touch Control in the centre console.

Partial shade.

Partial shading is also possible – depending on your needs and the weather conditions.


For protection from the sun, the panoramic roof can be completely shaded.

Race-Tex interior with extensive leather features in black.
Finely crafted: The unique GTS interior features extensive coverage of Race-Tex, a circuit-proven microfibre material. This is combined with high quality smooth-finish leather in black.
Porsche - GTS interior package.
GTS interior package.
The lines of the interior are expressed even more with the GTS interior package in Crayon or Carmine Red: with high-quality decorative stitching and embroidered GTS logos on the headrests in a contrasting colour, decorative elements along the centre console and decorative surfaces in the doors in matt carbon.
For that extra touch of performance.
GTS-specific chassis tuning.

The adaptive air suspension with a GTS-specific tune and Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) provides even more engagement: an electronic damping control system that adjusts the damping force, based on current road conditions and your driving style. This reduces body roll and improves comfort.

Sport Chrono Package.

Maximise the sports driving experience: with the GT multifunction sports steering wheel and mode switch with a choice of five driving modes, including Sport Plus mode with performance-oriented settings for the suspension, Porsche Active Aerodynamics and temperature control of the performance battery as well as the Sport Chrono stopwatch with GTS-specific dial in two optional colours.¹

¹Only available in conjunction with GTS interior package in Crayon or Carmine Red.

Other GTS highlights.

Adaptive Sports seats.

For a perfect fit, the GTS features standard Adaptive Sports seats (18-way, electric) including memory function for adjusting the seat position, the steering column, both exterior mirrors and other vehicle parameters.

Performance Battery Plus.

At the heart of the new all-electric GTS models lies the Performance Battery Plus fitted as standard. With a capacity of 93.4kWh (gross), it ensures you have plenty of range for any journey. Its modern 800-volt technology delivers relentless performance and enables exceptional charging speeds.

PTV Plus.

Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus) is also fitted as standard in the Taycan GTS. Depending on various parameters, it optimises handling response and agility. Moreover, it provides extra stability and traction during cornering.

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Models & Data

Select and configure Taycan models.

Porsche - Personalisation & finishing.

Personalisation & finishing.

In the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur we offer you a variety of personalisation options for exterior and interior. For your completely personalised vehicle.

Taycan Turbo S seen from the front, on the left side a woman leans against the Porsche with a mobile phone in her hand.


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