October / November 2005

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Snappy Genes

Thrill of the Chase! To find out what this splendid illustrated book is about you don’t have to wait for the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, where the Cayman S will be presented.

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The Stuttgart stallion will always be the animal featured on Porsche’s crest. But the Cayman, the new two-seater sports coupé, has more than just a name in common with the small, agile, swift alligator. Join us on a journey to South America to the home of the caiman.

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Warm-Water Swimming

The first ads for the new Cayman S don’t show Porsche’s new mid-engine coupé, but rather three caimans lying in ambush. One question had to be answered first before the desired image could be created: How can you bring the swamp into the photo studio?

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The Panamera Set to Arrive in 2009

Green light for the Panamera! The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of Porsche AG have given their approval for the development and production of a additional model series. The new car is a premium sports coupe that is scheduled to hit the market in 2009.

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All-Wheel Drive and Work-a-Day Driving

The countryside east of Cologne is called the Bergisches Land—literally, “mountainous country.” It’s not high, but it’s curvy. An enticing place to try out the new 911 Carrera 4 and the Carrera 4S Cabriolet models. And for reflecting on the all-wheel-drive inner values hidden beneath the beauty of their exteriors.

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Tennis, Anyone?

The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix has long been a favorite with the world’s best woman players. The tournament’s new director, Markus Günthardt, has big plans for the event: He aims to make this athletic highlight a unique experience—and a brand in its own right.

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Truth Is Where You Find It

He was the first great love of my life. His name was Jürgen. In his mid-twenties, he’d dropped out of college and about as many other commitments as possible. He owned nothing and wanted to own nothing. Least of all me. I kept all the questions that I was burning to ask him to myself. Who are you? Why are you the way you are? What are you going to get me for my birthday? When we sat in the car we were silent, each a mystery to the other.

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Gas-Pump Heaven

There’s no denying it: Gasoline pumps aren’t generally ranked among our cultural assets. But for a century now, these humble servants of the motor age have mirrored the trends of society, as shown in this extensive private collection of confessed “petromaniac” Arno Saager of Esslingen near Stuttgart.

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Liberation in Moderation

It’s, like, déjà vu: Full service is coming back to German gas stations! Perhaps even the gas station attendant with the friendly smile, who asks whether you’d like to have your oil and radiator fluid checked today? A very personal report, straight from the pump.

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Catching a Ride

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