Porsche - Factory collection and Factory tour

Factory collection and Factory tour

Factory collection

Many of our customers dream of collecting their new Porsche in person. They want to be there when the car of their dreams leaves the factory. This way, they can be the first to take their Porsche to its rightful place: on the road.

Today, all Porsche engines are constructed here in our main factory in Zuffenhausen, where the legendary 356 was built. You can collect your Boxster, Cayman or 911 from here.

If you’ve chosen a Cayenne or Panamera,this will be waiting for you at their place of manufacture – in Leipzig.

Where better to experience the passion of Porsche than in the place where it all began? A place characterised by a unique blend of past and future. To take advantage of this fascinating opportunity, please inform your Porsche Centre that you would like to collect your vehicle in Zuffenhausen, or if you purchased a new Panamera or Cayenne, in Leipzig. We will then make all the necessary arrangements to have your Porsche ready by the agreed collection date.

Finding the factory is straightforward. The easiest way to travel from outside Germany is to fly to Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main, or Leipzig, and then continue by train, taxi or hire car (which we can return on your behalf).

Please note that there are a number of formalities that must be completed when you take delivery of your new Porsche. For full details, please consult your Porsche Centre, who will also be happy to assist when it comes to planning your trip.

Factory tour

Porsche AG offers free factory tours that include a visit to production and to the museum in Zuffenhausen. The tours last around two hours.

Please send an e-mail to werksfuehrungen@porsche.de for an appointment.

We offer factory tours in our Leipzig production centre as part of our Porsche Leipzig Start, Porsche Leipzig Co-Pilot and Porsche Leipzig Pilot experience programmes.

Appointments, booking options and further information are available on the Porsche Leipzig website.

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