Porsche - Winning types

Winning types

They are dynamic and ambitious, and they set high standards—for both themselves and their cars. Three inspiring portraits of Porsche-driving high performers in China.

The makeup alone takes two hours. Dancer Yang Wu makes meticulous preparations for each performance. She leaves nothing to chance, whether it’s her costume, her state of mind, or her physical condition. To perfect her performances she trains several hours a day. In describing herself, she says she tries to set a good example for others. Her dancing should not be mere entertainment, but should instead generate real emotion.

It’s no wonder that her story is one of the testimonials Porsche China has selected for a video campaign entitled “Enthusiast Driven.” With high-grade production and atmospheric staging, these short films portray individuals who are completely dedicated to what they do, both in their careers and in their leisure activities, whether as a dancer, like Yang Wu, or as entrepreneurs, as the examples of Zhou Kaiyuan and Li Chao show. All three drive Porsches. All three express their approach to life in the choice of their cars: it’s a matter of performance. To present these individuals in an authentic context, the videos remain in Chinese, with English subtitles added for international audiences.

To watch the videos, enter “Enthusiast Driven” at www.youtube.com

Yang Wu - Dancer

“After ten years I’m every bit as devoted to dancing as I was when I began.”

Grace, elegance, aesthetics, and perfection in performance. All these qualities are radi­ated by the dancer Yang Wu. She learned her craft from no less than the famous Yang Liping, who toured Europe and the United States in 2004. In her mid-twenties, Yang Wu represents a new generation of dancers by setting standards not only in her artistry but also in the style of her costumes. She is very exacting—vis-à-vis both herself and her car. She drives a Cayman.


Zhou Kaiyuan - Entrepreneur

“I believe that eating a really good cake and driving a luxury car have a lot in common. Both bring joy to your life, and that is very important.”

This 35-year-old businessman from Beijing is the head of Micamika Inc., a company famous in China for its cakes, importing ingredients from thirteen countries for their European-style cakes. It’s no coincidence that these sweet creations are sold online, for Zhou Kaiyuan previously launched a successful gaming website with 17173.com. A Cayenne resides in his garage.


Li Chao - Entrepreneur

“To be successful, it’s essential to take two things to heart. First you have to believe in what you’re doing. And second—never give up!”

This is a man who loves challenges, both on and off the job. On the professional side he heads a successful company in the food sector. And on the recreational side he pursues his passion for racing with a 911 GT3 Cup in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia.


By Thorsten Schönfeld