Information on performance data for all-electric Porsche models

The maximum drive power of an all-electric vehicle depends on different prerequisites than the maximum drive power of a vehicle with a combustion engine. In order to achieve the best possible comparability and reproducible results, Porsche determines the drive power of its all-electric models in accordance with the specifications of the UN Global Technical Regulation No. 21 (GTR21) and the UN ECE R-85.

The measurement of performance is carried out using a sufficiently charged battery on a temperature-controlled test stand. Maximum power is applied for the duration specified in the standard, which is 2 to 10 seconds, depending on the measuring method.

The GTR21 does not provide for measurements from a standing start. To determine the Launch Control performance, Porsche has therefore slightly modified the measuring method and accelerated the vehicle from a standstill to a reference speed with Launch Control activated. Measurement starts as soon as the vehicle accelerates under full load.

The drive power available in actual driving operations can be significantly below the values determined on the test stand. Important influencing factors include the duration of the power requirement, the speed range, the battery charging condition, and the temperature of the battery and drives.