Porsche Classic Hub Cap

Porsche Classic Hub Cap

Perfection is about the whole package. As well as every detail.

Anyone who maintains and looks after a classic Porsche can’t help paying attention to every detail. Another small piece of perfection is now available with the new edition of hub caps for the 911 F (1965–1973), 914/6 (1970–1972) and 911 G (1974–1989) models: The hub caps with coloured or black PORSCHE crest are now available in their original design for the first time. They are hand-made and hand-painted in Germany.

The hub caps are designed to fit the two different internal diameters of the wheel hub bore on the rims of each model. Manually attaching the hub caps via a ring or springs is easy, meaning you can fit them at home in your own garage.

The hub caps are presented in a stylish box based on the original design so they also make a wonderful gift.

Production of the hub cap

Porsche Classic Hub CapPorsche Classic Hub CapPorsche Classic Hub Cap

The new Porsche Classic Hub Caps

Hub cap with coloured PORSCHE crest
Part number: PCG90103810 - 66 mm, full colour - For 911 F (1965–1973) and 914/6 (1970–1972) | Part number: PCG90103820 - 71 mm, full colour - For 911 F (1970–1973) and 911 G (1974–1989)
Hub cap with black PORSCHE crest
Part number: PCG90103910 - 66 mm, black - For 911 F (1965–1973) and 914/6 (1970–1972) | Part number: PCG90103920 - 71 mm, black - For 911 F (1970–1973) and 911 G (1974–1989)


You can find an overview of all hub caps in the Porsche Classic range here.

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