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QAF Eurokars holds first ever charity drive

The Bruneian News | 29th May 2019

Brunei’s sole distributor for Porsche QAF Eurokars recently held its first-ever charity drive to alleviate the burdens of underprivileged families in facing the last days of Ramadhan and help them prepare for the upcoming Raya festivities.

The three-day drive saw QAF Eurokars officials and staff handling over necessities including clothes and food to several families in need across the nation.

Acting Deputy General Manager Lahiru De Silva who led the drive said: “It is our moral responsibility to do what we can to lend a hand along with our values and principles.”

“I am also privileged to be here with my team to give back to the community and also show support to the country to improve the lives of others in this blessed month,” he added.

Additionally, the charity drive was also held to bring QAF Eurokars employees together, increase their awareness to the community and inject them the spirit of generosity.