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Want to know more about Porsche E-Performance? We have collated a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you. For further information please contact your preferred Porsche Centre.

Charging options
Where can I charge my Porsche?

Your Porsche can be conveniently charged in various everyday situations: at home, en route and at your destination.
Various Porsche charging equipment is available to you for home charging. Please contact your Porsche partner for further information.
The Porsche Charging Service offers you an overview and standard access to public charging points for charging en route and at the destination. These include charging points on motorways, in cities and at your Porsche partner. Porsche Destination Charging is available to you at selected destinations, for example luxury hotels.

At which electrical outlets can I charge my Porsche?

You can charge your Porsche both at market-specific domestic electrical outlets and at industrial electrical outlets. For charging with the highest possible efficiency and shortest possible charging duration, we recommend using an industrial electrical outlet.
An Online Pre-Check is available in certain countries for a more detailed analysis of the specific situation in your home. Please contact your Porsche partner for further information.

Can the specified charging times vary?

Yes. The charging time is influenced by numerous factors. These include the available power output of the energy infrastructure, the preconditioning of the passenger compartment and the charge state and temperature of the high-voltage battery.
Another important factor with home charging is the customer-specific domestic installation. With AC charging, the deciding factor is the power output of the on-board charger installed in the vehicle.
The charging times can therefore differ greatly from the specified values.

Home charging
What charging equipment does Porsche offer for charging my vehicle at home and where can I buy it?

Porsche offers various charging equipment as optional equipment, including the Porsche Mobile Charger and Porsche Mobile Charger Connect. There are also different mounting options available, such as the Charging Dock and the Porsche Compact Charging Pedestal. You can purchase these through the established sales channels, for example from your Porsche Partner.

I would like to charge my Porsche at home. How can I find out if this is possible?

The Online Pre-Check available in certain countries checks the basic prerequisites for using the Porsche charging equipment in your home.
For a detailed check, your Porsche partner can arrange to have a home check conducted by an external service partner. Your electrical infrastructure will be checked and details about installing the equipment in your home can be coordinated.

Are there any legal conditions that must be observed for the installation of home charging equipment?

The installation of home charging equipment may be classified as a structural change.
Before installation, we therefore recommend coordination with all involved parties such as your energy provider, your municipal authority, the tenants' community and, if applicable, your landlord.

What is the difference between the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect and the Porsche Mobile Charger?

The Porsche Mobile Charger and the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect are chargers for vehicles with high-voltage batteries. They differ in charging power and supported functions.

The Porsche Mobile Charger Connect is operated using a convenient touchscreen display.

Can I connect the Porsche charging equipment to other energy management systems?

The charging equipment offered by Porsche is based on open standards. However, the compatibility with third-party energy management systems may vary due to the variety of products available on the market.

En-route charging
What advantages are provided by the Porsche Charging Service when charging at public charging points?

Following one-time registration with the Porsche Charging Service, you can charge your Porsche at charging points provided by the contract partners. These include Porsche charging points as well as those of other providers.
Without the Porsche Charging Service, you will have to conclude a usage contract with the relevant charging point provider. There are over 180 different providers in Germany, for example.

How can I charge at public charging points?

If you want to charge your Porsche at a public charging point, you must activate it first, for example using a smartphone or an RFID card. If you are using the Porsche Charging Service, you can also activate charging points using the corresponding apps, for example the Porsche Connect app.
Then connect the charging cable to your Porsche:

- At DC charging points, the cable is permanently attached to the charging pedestal.
- At AC charging points, you need a mode 3 charging cable in Europe in particular. This is available as optional equipment from your Porsche partner.

Charging normally starts automatically. Further information can be found at the relevant charging point.

What is the best way of finding the nearest charging point?

You can display the available public charging points in your vehicle's PCM. Use the POI search or the Porsche Charging Planner, if available in your country, for this. Further information can be found in your Driver's Manual.
Please note that the PCM may not show all the available charging points due of the rate of expansion of the public charging point network.
If you are using the Porsche Charging Service, you will also find all usable partner charging points in the Porsche Connect app (for Porsche customers) or the Charging by Porsche app (for third-party customers).

Can a passer-by pull out the plug while I am charging at a public charging point?

No. Once inserted in the vehicle charge port, the charging plug is automatically detected by the vehicle and locked. The charging cable is secured against disconnecting and your Porsche against being driven away.

How can I ensure that my Porsche is not completely discharged?

Ordinarily your vehicle will tell you in good time when the charge state is low instead of discharging fully. Observe the information in the PCM and in the instrument cluster.
In the case of a low charge state, your Porsche can also suggest navigating to a charging point nearby.
Many options are available for charging your Porsche in everyday use, for example during driving breaks at petrol stations and rest areas, when shopping or when you park your Porsche.

Must I always fully charge my Porsche?

No. You do not always have to fully charge the high-voltage battery of your Porsche. Partial charging of your Porsche does not cause capacity loss (memory effect) and does not reduce the service life of the high-voltage battery.
Moreover, the charging speed decreases as the charge state of the high-voltage battery increases. It may therefore even be useful to only charge the battery to approx. 80% or until the required range is reached.

What does the range of my Porsche depend on?

The range is influenced by various factors such as driving style, comfort functions, aerodynamics and road conditions. The most important factor is your driving style. An environmentally aware and predictive driving style promotes the recuperation of braking energy and therefore increases the range. You can also reduce the intensity of comfort functions such as air conditioning and heating and only mount add-on parts that influence aerodynamics (e.g. roof boxes) when needed.

What do I need to note in cold weather in particular?

The comfort functions used during cold weather (e.g. heating) may reduce your vehicle's range. Using the convenient preconditioning during charging can minimise this influence, since the necessary heating power is already being provided from the mains.
The charging performance of your high-voltage battery may also be restricted at low temperatures. However, using the Porsche Charging Planner and battery preconditioning can warm up the battery before charging to enable the optimum charging conditions.

What must I observe when driving abroad?

Country-specific regulations and approvals may restrict the use of the charging equipment abroad. Find out via the Driver's Manual and from your Porsche partner whether your equipment is suitable for the country or if you require additional equipment.

Who can I contact if I need support?

Contact your Porsche partner or Porsche Connect Support, if available in your country, if you have questions about the Porsche charging hardware products on offer, how to install them and problems that occur. These support services will advise you, help you to locate faults and initiate necessary troubleshooting processes.
Porsche Connect Support is available to you for questions about public charging using the Porsche Charging Service. Porsche Assistance also guarantees your mobility.

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