More than 80 vehicles and many small exhibits are on display at the Porsche Museum in a unique ambience. In addition to world-famous, iconic vehicles such as the 356, 550, 911, and 917, the exhibits include some of the outstanding technical achievements of Professor Ferdinand Porsche from the early 20th century. Even then, the name of Porsche stood for the commitment never to be satisfied with a technical solution that fails to fully meet or exceed all of its requirements, including opportunities for further improvement.

From the lobby, visitors ascend a spectacular ramp to the entrance of the spacious exhibition area, where they can gain an initial overview of the impressive collection.

Here the visitor can choose whether to start with the company history before 1948 or head directly into the main area of the exhibition which represents Porsche`s product and motorsport history in chronological order. Both areas are interlinked by the "Porsche Idea" section, which forms the backbone of the exhibition.

The Idea section explains what makes the various themes and exhibits so unique. It tells of the spirit and the passion that motivate the work at Porsche, and pays tribute to the company as well as the people behind the product.

As a living automobile museum, the Porsche Museum presents numerous special exhibitions on specific topics or meaningful anniversaries. As a result, exhibits are changed on a regular basis and visitors always find something new to discover.

The new interactive „Porsche Touchwall“ is waiting for the visitors at the end of the museum’s tour. The 12 meter long installation covers nine decades of exciting automobile history on the basis of 3.000 pictures, drawings and technical data allowing the visitor to explore almost all Porsche street- and racecars.

The birth house of Ferdinand Porsche

In 1875 Ferdinand Porsche is born in this house in Liberec.
The engineering spirit of Ferdinand Porsche is at the heart of the exhibition. Starting from the place where it all began, it acknowledges the great engineer as a historical figure.
Alongside this, the development of engineering as an art form is examined, a tradition that influenced Ferdinand Porsche’s lifework.

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Increased interactivity

When visitors reach the end of the exhibit tour, they are met by the “Porsche Touchwall”, which invites users to research the company's history using multimedia technology. As visitors approach the twelve-metre-long Touchwall, a new level opens up that allows visitors to travel back in time through nine centuries of automotive and Porsche history. Visitors can browse through over 3000 images, drawings, posters and advertisements originating from 1931 up to the present day – including an extensive selection of images and technical data for nearly all street cars and race cars featuring the Porsche crest.

New content is imported automatically on a daily basis into the Touchwall from the database of the historical archive and displayed using the wall's interface. Another special feature is the ability to navigate using touch frames, which allow several users to control media simultaneously using multi-touch gestures. Even the smallest of details can be viewed using the zoom function. What seems like child's play for the visitors is actually an exceptional piece of high-tech wizardry. 20 Full HD 55” displays are controlled by 5 graphic PCs using a 3D real-time application that also enables functions such as the ability to move images across the entire length of the Touchwall.

Another new highlight of the permanent exhibit is the interactive “Porsche in the Mix” sound installation – the only one of its kind in the world. Here, visitors choose their favourite vehicle model from a selection of seven. The exhibit plays back the characteristic sounds of vehicles, ranging from the 356 and the 911 up to the 918. Visitors can then activate eight additional sounds and then turn these off again via a touchscreen. Sounds such as indicators, doors closing and engine sounds are integrated into the music track. The individual sounds are then progressively combined to form a complete composition. All of the sounds are based on original Porsche vehicle sounds and are visualised on the wall via video and animations. The LED sound level indicators hover in the room, with their height and movement varying according to the vehicle sound and its volume. At the end of this section of the exhibit, visitors are able to compose their own piece of music and send it to themselves via email. “Porsche in the Mix” gives visitors a dynamic, audio-visual experience that allows them to experience the Porsche brand in a unique, emotional way.

718 Cayman S: Fuel consumption* combined: 8,1 – 7,3 l/100 km, CO2 emissions* combined: 184 – 167 g/km

* Data determined in the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) in accordance with the Euro 6 (715/2007/EC, 195/2013/EC and ECE-R 101.01) measurement method. The figures do not refer to an individual vehicle nor do they constitute part of the offer. They are intended solely as a means of comparing different types of vehicle. Fuel consumption calculated for vehicles with standard specification only. Actual consumption and performance may vary with items of optional equipment. A vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions depend not only on its efficient use of fuel but also on driving style and other non-technical factors. The latest Porsche models with a petrol engine are designed to operate on fuels with an ethanol content of up to 10 %. You can obtain further information about individual vehicles from your Porsche Centre. Consumption figures were obtained on the basis of standard equipment. Special equipment may affect consumption and performance.

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Factory tours

The health and safety of our guests as well as those of our employees is our first priority, especially in times of Corona pandemic. Therefore, we ask for your understanding as we will not offer tours in the factory until further notice.

Nevertheless we are looking forward to welcoming you at the Porsche Museum, in consideration with all hygiene and distance regulations. Please find all news on this homepage.


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The museum´s operations are in line with the requirements of the Federal Government and the State of Baden-Württemberg for protection against infection with the corona virus.

This includes a guidance system in the entire building to ensure a minimum distance of 1.50 m between visitors. We kindly ask for your understanding that for your protection and that of our employees, we will limit the access by having 250 visitors in the museum at the same time.

Protective masks and sufficient disinfectants are available for you in the museum. To ensure that everything runs smoothly in the Porsche Museum, we ask you to follow the instructions shown and those of the staff.