Porsche Kids Driving School

Porsche Centre Doha continues the driving experience as part of Porsche Kids Driving School. For the month of Decemeber 2015 and January 2016, we played host to over 140 kids from Qatar Foundation and Al Rowad School. This program is available for children between the ages of five to eight years. It begins with a short lecture on the basic traffic and road rules so they know how to proceed and what to expect from the cars before they drive their Porsche pedal car at the track. The goal is to spread the awareness of the road safety and to inculcate to adopt safer behavior. The activity culminated, with every child receiving their license dubbed as “My First Driving License” along with distribution of relevant Porsche road rules and safety driving booklets. Porsche believes that through this entertaining and educative approach, the activity holds a potential of preventing serious injury or even death by educating them of traffic rules and responsible behaviors.

2015, December 12 & 2016, January 13

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