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Charge your battery whenever you need to.

In our opinion, an innovative vehicle concept is of no value if it ends with the vehicle. Porsche E-Performance therefore includes the infrastructure: an optimally integrated vehicle charge port, practical charging equipment and intelligent charging options, to use at home and on the road.


Porsche Universal Charger (AC) and vehicle charge port.

The standard Porsche Universal Charger (AC) securely connects your Porsche to various sockets. After plugging in the vehicle charge port, the car automatically recognises the charger plug and is locked, to prevent it being driven away. The charging process starts immediately. If you have entered a time at which the battery should be charged in the instrument cluster, the charging process will begin later, provided the charging timer button is enabled, thereby allowing you to take advantage of cheap off-peak tariffs.


Charging at home: Home advantage for your sports car.

To quickly and conveniently charge your Porsche at home, we recommend installing an industrial electrical outlet. The practical wall mount for the Porsche Universal Charger (AC) comes as standard with your E-Hybrid model.

If wall mounting is not possible or you want a charging station for your carport, for example, the optional charging pedestal is available. A certified electrician recommended by your Porsche Centre can help you install the charging equipment if required.

Wall mount base for the Porsche Universal Charger (AC) For the more convenient operation and storage of the charger, an optional Charging Dock is available, developed by Porsche Design. Like the wall mount, it can be attached to a wall immediately adjacent to where your vehicle is parked.

Charging en route. Connected to the grid. Even when parked.

Close to shopping centres, in car parks or at the roadside: there are already public charging pedestals in many, which you can use for your Porsche E-Hybrid model. The optional Porsche Tequipment charging cable is available for this.

Alternatively, you can charge your car at suitable, properly installed power outlets using the Porsche Universal Charger (AC), e.g. while at work or visiting friends. Porsche offers special mains adapters for this that are easy to change.

The charging equipment can conveniently be stored in the transport case in the luggage compartment. If you're planning to use your sports car abroad, you can request a suitable power cable – available for all standard sockets worldwide.

In future, Porsche Connect will allow you to locate the charging infrastructure even more quickly: by displaying charging pedestals in your vicinity, along your route or at your destination.


Electricity. In future, one of our most important tasks will be to generate performance with power.

Electricity is the energy of future mobility. It can be generated very efficiently and with zero CO2 emissions from renewable sources such as water, wind and sun, and transported over long distances with minimal losses using efficient power supply networks. What is our contribution? We generate sustainable driving pleasure with electric power. By building sports cars with lithium-ion batteries and powerful electric motors, which efficiently convert this power into spontaneous drive torque. For an experience behind the wheel that will set your pulse racing.

We interpret electricity in our own way. And the result is both powerful and efficient: Porsche E-Performance.

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