911 Carrera T: Highlights

Highlights911 Carrera T

Porsche Highlights - Concept 911 Carrera T

Concept 911 Carrera T

Got any plans? This sports car will take you to a place you haven't been for a long time. Closer to the road. And closer to yourself.

The new 911 Carrera T is a thoroughbred 911. Made for drivers, not...

Porsche Highlights - Exterior design

Exterior design

You might find it difficult, but it's something we recommend: switch on your indicators, pull over, get out, stop for a while. And feast your eyes – on the new 911 Carrera T.

It's a promise. A...

Porsche Highlights - Interior design

Interior design

Are you sitting comfortably? That's exactly our intention. Every component, every switch and every bit of padding in a 911 is tailor-made for sporty driving. And for you.

Your hands are gripping the...

Porsche Highlights - Engine


Behind you, positioned low down in the rear of the 911 Carrera T, is the six-cylinder twin-turbo engine. Ratings: 3.0-litre displacement, 272 kW (370 hp), 450 Nm maximum torque. Hard numbers that...

Porsche Highlights - Transmission


Analogue driving pleasure, lessons I–VII: depress the clutch pedal, shift gear, accelerate, smile contentedly – and repeat. When changing gear, everything is in your hands. Driving pleasure included.


Porsche Highlights - Chassis


No obligations, a world of opportunities. Hands firmly on the wheel, the road in view. And feeling so close to the tarmac.

PASM sports suspension

The body sits a further 10 mm lower than that of the...

Porsche Highlights - Mode switch

Mode switch

Left corner. Right corner. Then the long straight. An invitation you can really only accept with a sports car. With the new 911 Carrera T above all.

Thanks to the mode switch, integrated as standard,...

Porsche Highlights - Porsche Connect

Porsche Connect

Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including online navigation

The PCM is your main control centre for audio, navigation and communication, available at no extra cost.

Porsche Connect


Porsche Highlights - Sound System

Sound System

For when you don’t want the raw sound of the sports exhaust system to be the soundtrack to your journey: the optional BOSE® Surround Sound System has been specially developed for the 911 models and...