Porsche - History


Historic or sporty?
A decision based on instinct

You’ve chosen your Porsche? Congratulations. Your car stands for what is fascinating about sports cars. Just like the factory collection. Regardless of whether you opt for Zuffenhausen or Leipzig. Which side of the Porsche brand inspires you more?

In which of these two worlds would you like to immerse yourself for a whole day, when you collect your Porsche? Zuffenhausen focuses on the history of the sports car while Leipzig places emphasis on a dynamic driving experience.

A unique success story began in Zuffenhausen more than 60 years ago. Today, as then, this is where sports car icons are created. Discover this and a lot more in a tour of the factory. A lot of what Ferry Porsche left behind is still very much alive today.

The modern and historical production sites have almost as many stories to tell as the legendary exhibits in the Porsche Museum. This is where the heart of Porsche beats.

In Leipzig, on the other hand, your pulse rate will soon be racing if you prefer to get to know Porsche from the sports performance perspective. After all, Porsche models like the Cayenne, Panamera and the Macan are not only built here – in one of the most state-of-the-art and sustainable full production facilities in the world.

They are also thoroughly tested here, on the FIA-certified on-road circuit. And this is precisely where we will teach you about your new Porsche – at full speed. With your dynamic vehicle instruction, an experienced Porsche instructor will explain all of the functions to you in a model identical to yours.

Historic or sporty? You decide. Whichever you choose – it will be exhilarating and will always include a tour of the factory where you will see just how much precision and dedication goes into making a Porsche. And lunch in one of our exquisite restaurants. But whether it’s Zuffenhausen or Leipzig: the highlight of the day is already decided for you – when your car is handed over.