Porsche - Project Announcement
Porsche - Project Announcement
Porsche - Project Announcement
Porsche - Project Announcement
Porsche - Project Announcement
Porsche - Project Announcement

Project Announcement

For the first time, Porsche Club of America will raffle off a fully restored classic - a 1973 Porsche 911 T.

The idea for this unusual project sprang from a conversation between PCA representatives, Porsche Club Coordination and Porsche Classic at this year's Porsche "Rennsport Reunion" spectacular in Daytona. The Porsche Club of America, the largest Porsche Club in the world with 104,000 members, traditionally raffles off Porsche vehicles among its members twice a year. The raffled vehicles have always been new vehicles. However, this time a classic Porsche will be raffled off. But first it will be restored to its original condition by company experts in Zuffenhausen, its old home where it was once produced for the US market.

The PCA, Porsche Club Service and Porsche Classic specialists worked closely together in the search to find the right vehicle. Club members were first able to take a look at the vehicle in its current condition at this year's Porsche Parade held in St. Charles in July. The 911 T has an air-cooled flat-six engine with a displacement of 2.4 litres. The engine produces 140 hp at 5,600 rpm. The narrow body of this 911, known as the F model, makes it a favourite among collectors. The vehicle in question was also delivered in the classic colour combination, silver (exterior) and black (interior). Since this F model was of the last model year, its value performance is considered to be especially high.

But this vehicle is interesting for Porsche Classic for a totally different reason. Not much is known about its history, but at first glance, time has left clearly visible traces. And over the years many parts have been added. These parts may be many things, but they are certainly not original parts. Jochen Bader, manager of the Classic Workshop: "We are looking forward to this challenge and are proud to be able to show the general public how we work."

For years, the Porsche Classic Workshop in Freiberg/Neckar, located only about 15 kilometres from the main Zuffenhausen plant, has been the place to go for all customers who want their classic Porsches to be kept in top condition. This is true for all models, from the Porsche 356 to the last air-cooled 911, the 993 model. Only genuine Porsche parts are used in this state-of-the-art workshop. Parts that are no longer available are faithfully reproduced. After all, Porsche Classic not only ensures the worldwide parts supply, it can also draw on a large collection of original drawings of parts and tools. The workshop team professionally services around 250 Porsche oldtimers and youngtimers annually - from oil changes to thorough maintenance to elaborate, complete restorations. Including special wishes.

As with every restoration, the new owner of the 911 T will receive a book with comprehensive documentation of the work done on the vehicle, an exclusive plaque and a photo CD with around 1,000 pictures - all packed in a valuable leather case. But there is a lot of work to be done beforehand. This 911 from another era will first have to be stripped of its paint and then completely dismantled. Later, the finished bodyshell will be protected by the modern, life-extending cathodic dip coating. The restoration work also includes the complete reconstruction of the engine and transmission as well as the interior fittings. Regular reports on this page will let Porsche fans experience the restoration process – including unforeseen and unwelcome surprises and problems that arise and how the workshop experts solve them.

The Porsche Classic workshop employees are ready. The 911 T has started on its trip to the USA and is expected to arrive in Freiberg/Neckar in the next few days.

Porsche Project Announcement - Project Announcement

Project announcement

Porsche Project Announcement - Arrival and disassembly

Arrival and disassembly

Porsche Project Announcement - Gearbox


Porsche Project Announcement - Body work and Paint Removal

Body and paint removal

Porsche Project Announcement - Body Work: Reconstruction

Reconstructing the body

Porsche Project Announcement - Engine


Porsche Project Announcement - CDPB and paint finish

CDPB and paint finish

Porsche Project Announcement - Interior


Porsche Project Announcement - Final assembly and completion

Final assembly and completion

Porsche Project Announcement - Handover to the winner, Porsche Parade 2011

Handover to the winner

Porsche Project Announcement - 911 T in the Porsche Museum

911 T in the Porsche Museum