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Porsche Centre Kuwait” mobile application is now launched and available for download

Porsche Centre Kuwait is bolstering forward with its digitalisation strategy through the launch of a mobile application that offers customers and enthusiasts with increased connectivity to the brand and unparalleled customer experience. The mobile app further enables owners and prospective buyers easier and quicker access to a wide range of information and functions, at their fingertips.

Available for iOS and Android operating systems, users can now readily access a number of services including the sales, after sales and rental enquiries, roadside assistance and the BMC Plus loyalty programme. Customers who are looking to browse the features and pricing of Porsche’s latest and pre-owned models or book their next test drive or service appointment can now do so through a simple click of a button on the mobile app.

The Porsche Centre Kuwait mobile app is the ultimate portal to the world of Porsche in Kuwait. Customers can also stay tuned to all special promotions and upcoming events through checking the ‘Special Program’ section of the app. The Porsche Centre Kuwait mobile app is available as ‘Porsche Centre Kuwait’ to download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.