Club Information

Porsche Clubs are independent. All Porsche Clubs are customer initiatives. Correspondingly, each Club has its own individual programme and range of services. However, all Porsche Clubs around the world have one thing in common: a close link with Porsche AG. All Clubs communicate the values and ethos of the Porsche marque, offering their members the opportunity to experience the appeal of the Porsche marque.

The activities of the Porsche Clubs are as varied as the Clubs themselves. All Porsche Clubs around the globe are active in the community, as well as in sporting, tourism, cultural and social spheres. They also organise motorsport activities at all levels for their members. After all, most Porsche drivers like to get together on the racetrack once in a while to enjoy the full potential of their sports cars.

Porsche Classic Clubs focus on historical vehicles, their maintenance and care, sharing experiences, and all other activities related to classic Porsche cars.

The emotional link between all Porsche Clubs and the highlights of all events are the Porsche parades. These are major festivals held over several days at which Club members from all over the world can share their experiences of the fascinating world of Porsche. As a Club member, you can do more than simply take part in your Club's activities. You can also take advantage of the worldwide Porsche Club network and participate in Porsche Club events all over the globe. You can choose your own level of involvement, whether you wish to concentrate on spending your time on the racetrack, sharing your experiences with other Porsche Club drivers or actively contributing your own personal knowledge and skills to the organisation of your Porsche Club.

Are you interested in going on an amazing weekend trip or putting your Porsche through its paces in a slalom competition or rally? Do you occasionally want to get away from the racetrack and enjoy other sports such as tennis, golf or skiing? Are you keen on attending social and cultural events at national and international level? With Porsche Clubs you can enjoy all this and more.

Porsche Clubs are always pleased to welcome new blood in the form of new members. The only pre-requisite for becoming an active member of a Porsche Club is that you own a Porsche. However, some Clubs also offer a limited period of "passive" membership for future Porsche owners.

As each Club has its own programme and range of services, it is often useful to contact the relevant Club directly using the form provided. Many Clubs also have a Club magazine and Club websites, where you can find out the latest information.