Chassis 911 Carrera T

Porsche 911 Carrera T - Chassis


No obligations, a world of opportunities. Hands firmly on the wheel, the road in view. And feeling so close to the tarmac.

PASM sports suspension

The body sits a further 10 mm lower than that of the base model. Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) – the electronic damping control system – continuously adjusts the damping force on each wheel, based on current road conditions and driving style.

The springs are harder and shorter, and the anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles are stiffer. The front spoiler lip has an even sportier contour, the rear spoiler extends even further. Result: reduced lift at the front axle and increased downforce at the rear. For improved aerodynamics and another boost in performance.

Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV)

Fitted as standard, Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) enhances vehicle dynamics and stability. Operating in conjunction with a rear differential lock, the system works by intelligently braking the rear wheels as the situation demands. When the car is driven assertively into a corner, moderate brake pressure is applied to the inside rear wheel. Consequently, a greater amount of drive force is distributed to the outside rear wheel, inducing an additional rotational pulse (yaw movement) around the vehicle’s vertical axis. For a direct and sporty steering action from the turn-in point.

The mechanically regulated rear differential lock included with PTV has an asymmetrical lock factor. This helps to provide greater traction, e.g. when accelerating out of corners and driving on road surfaces with varying grip.

The results are strong resistance to destabilising side forces, outstanding traction and great agility at every speed – with precise turn-in and wellbalanced load transfer characteristics. And, of course, tremendous fun in the corners.

Rear-axle steering

Rear-axle steering is available as an option. It enhances performance and everyday practicality in equal measure. For particularly agile handling combined with a significant increase in driving stability.

During low-speed manoeuvres, the system acts to provide a virtual shortening of the wheelbase, and cornering turn-in becomes considerably more dynamic. When a sporty driving style is adopted, the virtual extension of the wheelbase helps to increase driving stability. All this has an impact on maximum driving performance: a positive one, of course.

Porsche Chassis - Concept 911 Carrera T

Concept 911 Carrera T

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Exterior design

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Interior design

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Porsche Chassis - Chassis


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