Porsche E-Performance

Porsche E-Performance

Fuel consumption* Panamera 4 E-Hybrid: Combined in l/100 km (mpg) 2.5 (113.0); CO2 emissions in g/km 56; Electricity consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km 15.9.
Fuel consumption* Cayenne S E-Hybrid: Combined in l/100 km (mpg) 3.3 (85.6); CO2 emissions in g/km 75 g/km; Electricity consumption (combined) in kWh/100 km 20.8 - 18.6.

The drive of tomorrow. It is what everyone is talking about. What everyone is thinking about. Above all, it is in our hearts. That's why we do precisely what we do best. We go our own way. And boost the world of e-mobility with Porsche E-Performance.

Efficiency, connectivity, adrenaline. All this is Porsche E-Performance. And more: more power, of course. The innovative drive concept makes our seven E-Hybrid models even more powerful. And the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid the most powerful Panamera of all time.

We're therefore creating a new benchmark for our standard-production cars. And for the future of mobility. Which comes as no surprise, since all our motorsport experience and success influence the development – such as that of the 919 Hybrid, our most technologically sophisticated race car and three times overall winner at Le Mans. As soon as the hybrid drive – the optimum combination of combustion engine and electric motor – presses the driver deep into their seat, they will feel what Porsche E-Performance means. For their everyday life. For their driving experience. For the future of the sports car.


Every victory is a victory for our standard-production cars.

We don't participate in motorsport because we have to. But because we simply cannot do otherwise. In motorsport, we constantly test the E-Performance concept. Scrutinise every idea, every detail. Because motorsport generates ideas that are developed, tested and trialled under the toughest conditions until they are not only capable of victory, but also fit for the road.

This is precisely what we have done with the 919 Hybrid and its innovative hybrid concept. Its performance not only saw the World Championship for Makes of the FIA World Endurance Championship go to Zuffenhausen for the 13th and 14th time in 2015 and 2016, but also led to the 19th overall victory at Le Mans in 2017 – for the third consecutive time. This principle achieved road approval in the form of the 918 Spyder.

A super sports car with real race car qualities: performance, efficiency, lightweight construction. So it's no surprise that it redefined the Nordschleife record for road-approved sports cars in 2013 with an impressive lap time of 6:57 minutes. An incentive to continue setting new standards in future, with E-Hybrid models such as the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

And it's even less surprising that we're not sitting on our laurels. But continuing to work on the future of our sports cars. And transferring innovative E-Performance technologies to our series-production sports cars. With a hybrid concept, for instance, that is capable of maximum performance. Or with the mode switch – for a driving experience like in the cockpit of a race car. Today, we're proud to be bringing a new reality to the roads with our Porsche E-Hybrid models.

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