Porsche brings excitement to the North Coast

This summer was full of Porsche excitements at North Coast.

Porsche Centre Egypt brought all beauties from their stable for display at Hacienda, Kiki’s Beach Bar.

It was such beautiful arrangement showcasing Porsche Sport cars which are making hot summer even warmer. All Porsches at the one place. Legendary 911 ultimate sport car and roadster Boxster successor of famous Porsche Spider 550 James Deen competition model. Sport cars in different shape next to each other. Powerful Sport Activity Vehicles represented with Cayenne and Macan opened imaginations and desires of driving it on the beach or the no-road places.

And it was not only enjoyment for eyes, Porches were for test drive too to complete excitement of long hot summer at the North Coast. Feel acceleration, feel wind in the hair feel all Porsche power controlled perfectly. Feel excitement of Porsche steering wheel in your hands. Yes this summer at the North Coast was full of extraordinary warm feelings thanks to Porsche Centre Egypt.