Porsche - Stay on Track!
Stay on Track!


Porsche is the most successful manufacturer of exclusive sports cars and has an outstanding reputation. This success is based on the desirability of the vehicles, but equally importantly, due to its unique corporate culture that is shaped by integrity and compliance. And it should stay that way. All board members, members of the management bodies, managers and employees make their own contributions every day according to the motto:
Sporty and fair - that's typical Porsche.

Integrity in Business Life

Porsche stands for strong values such as fairness, responsibility, mutual respect and trust, transparency and openness, and acting ethically. These values apply to the way managers and employees treat themselves among each other as well as to their contact with customers, business partners, and public authorities. Only by adhering to these values can long-term business relationships be established and maintained, conflicts be resolved openly, mistakes be rectified in a solution-oriented manner, and trust in leadership and reliable cooperation be ensured.

Responsibility for Compliance

Lawful conduct is an expected daily practice at Porsche and a key condition for the business success. Porsche complies with applicable laws in all countries of business. Compliance is put into practice through a clear commitment by the Executive Board for adherence to the law, by the senior management acting as compliance role models, and by employees abiding to applicable rules and regulations. Enforcement will be consistently applied if the law is broken or internal company guidelines are violated.

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Whistleblower System

Porsche rejects all forms of corruption, cartelization, money laundering or any other white- collar crime and does not tolerate any unlawful behavior by employees or other third parties like customers, business partners or public officials. Porsche has set up a whistleblower system for the submission of tips of potential violations by Porsche employees. Submitting tips, helps Porsche avert damage to the company and detect misconduct in good time.

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Business and Human Rights

We consider respect for human rights a key pillar of responsible corporate governance. Our aspiration is that human rights are respected both in our company and by our business partners.

We reject any form of human rights violations.

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