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Porsche Centre Bahrain reveals new Cayman and Cayman SNew Cayman in Bahrain

Manama. Porsche Centre Bahrain, Behbehani Brothers wll, revealed the new Cayman and Cayman S at an exclusive launch on Monday. Around 600 guests witnessed the unveiling of the sports coupé at the Gulf Hotel in Manama.

The third generation of the two-seater has been completely redeveloped. It is lower and longer, lighter and faster, more efficient and more powerful than ever. A longer wheelbase, wider track and larger wheels enhance the driving performance of the mid-engine sports car to an unparalleled level in its competitive class. The new Cayman is – after the 911 Carrera and Boxster – the third sports car model line from Porsche to feature innovative lightweight body design. Porsche’s latest model is up to 30 kg lighter, depending on the specific model and equipment, and consumes up to 15 per cent less fuel per 100 km than the predecessor – despite higher engine and driving performance.

Featuring a new lighter design and powered by a 2.7-litre flat-six cylinder engine, the sports coupé produces 275 horsepower. It accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, depending on the equipment, and reaches a top speed of 266 km/h. Its NEDC fuel consumption is 7.7 l/100 km when equipped with Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK).

Its bigger sibling, the Cayman S makes use of a 3.4-litre naturally aspirated flat-six cylinder engine for an output of 325 horsepower. Acceleration time from a standstill to 100 km/h time is 4.7 seconds with a top speed of 283 km/h. The NEDC fuel consumption value is 8.0 l/100 km with PDK.

Commenting on the occasion, Morgan Sunderland, Brand Manager at Porsche Centre Bahrain, said: “The new Cayman is built for driving through bends like few other sports cars can: the mid-engined sports coupé sets new standards in its class for driving performance with a longer wheelbase, all-round new chassis and lower weight.”

Aesthetically, the two-seater stays true to its heritage. It has been redesigned to become even more distinctive. The new model features an extended wheelbase with shorter overhangs. The standard 18- and 19-inch Cayman wheels give it not only a sportier appeal but also better lateral stability and handling properties.

The car’s styling is marked by precise lines and razor-sharp sculpted edges. They emphasise the vehicle’s low, extended silhouette with the windscreen shifted forward and the roof line that reaches far back. Typical of the more advanced styling is the shoulder line, which runs from the wings towards the rear side panels. The door mirrors are newly positioned near the top shoulder. Especially expressive and characteristic are the dynamic recesses in the doors, which guide induction air into the distinctive air scoops on the rear side panels and then directly to the engine.

From the front end, the new Cayman is marked by its dominant cooling air inlets, which increase in size towards the sides of the car. Integrated in them are the round front lights with four-point daytime running lights or position lights – an unmistakable identifying feature of the new Cayman. Just as unique to the new generation of the sport coupé are the large, low rear lid made of aluminium and the rear section with its wrap-around edges. At the upper end of the rear window, an LED brake light spanning the entire window width warns traffic behind. Mounted directly to the rear lid is the thin blade of the rear spoiler, which – in contrast to that of the Boxster – is higher and deploys at a steeper angle.

Morgan Sunderland added: “Our two-seater sports coupé is a genuinely new car featuring drastic changes in the design, but without losing its valuable Porsche identity. I am convinced that the Cayman will be a real sight on our roads.”

The new generation also comes with new optional features. Customers can now order Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) – a system that controls the distance to the car ahead in traffic and vehicle speed. Other options include a specially developed Burmester sound system.

The basic retail price for the new Porsche Cayman and Cayman S is as follows:

Cayman 20,800 BHD

Cayman S 23,500 BHD