Network Investor Application

To applicants,

Thank you for your interest in joining the Porsche Network!

To give you a better understanding of our selection process, we would like to provide you with this brief introduction to our Porsche Importer / Dealership selection process.

Our selection process includes 5 stages:

Step 1. Data Collection

Step 2. Pre-selection

Step 3. Onsite Check

Step 4. Final Interview

Step 5. Potential Investor Announcement (Letter of Intent)

Submitting your application is only the preparation for the first stage in our selection process - Data Collection.

Before you submit your application, please read carefully the basic requirements for a qualified applicant.

Minimum Applying Qualification:

  1. Ability to inspire confidence and trust in the Porsche brand, and intense desire to operate a Porsche Importer Dealership.
  2. Considerable imported luxury automotive 3S dealership’s operational experience in applied city/country.
  3. Thorough understanding of the automotive market in applied city/country.
  4. Guarantee a minimum spend for the Porsche Centre construction and equipment/tools.
  5. Ensure the proposed land on the main street, with excellent visibility and high traffic flow.
  6. Ensure a minimum land size / footprint / parking size for the Porsche Centre according to the specific city requirement below.
  7. Ensure land parameters (including: plot ratio, density, green ratio, building height limit, setback, etc.) are available from the local planning bureau or written in land purchasing / leasing LOI from the local government for the proposed land.
  8. Main investor (namely as applicant) with min. 51% and remaining shares within max. 3 shareholders.

If you think you meet all of the above conditions, then you may proceed in our selection process. In order to have a better understanding of the applicant or the applicant company, please prepare all the required documents carefully, as they are the basis on which we will evaluate your application.

Required Documents for Application:

  1. Investor Application Data sheet (completely filled out).
  2. Scan of applicant (namely as investor) (s)’s ID and applicant company (namely as investment company)’s Business license.
  3. The investor and the investment company’s introduction, which should include: investor(s) background, investment company’s background, investment company’s automotive experience and performance, target area’s market analysis, motivation for joining Porsche Network and proposed land.

Rules for Submission:

  1. The email account is the official and the only email account for applicant or applicant company to communication with Porsche Middle East & Africa.
  2. All documents mentioned above must be submitted in English version and submitted by your company email account to
  3. A completed application must include all the documents mentioned on our website and be sent in PDF format.
  4. Only application submitted by the investor or investment company directly will be considered.
  5. Any fraud/corruption trials (including any gift) will lead to immediate failure.

If any rule above cannot be met, applicant may not be considered. After submitting your application, please do not contact us or visit our office to inquire about the status of the application. We will contact you if you are pre-selected as a candidate for the city/country you listed in your application.

Please note that by sending your application you are acknowledged that the qualification and requirements listed here are the minimum requirement for your application. Porsche Middle East & Africa will select the most suitable applicant at its sole discretion.

Open Countries:

You may apply to join the Porsche Network in any country currently not covered in the region of Middle East, Levant and Africa.

Thank you!

We look forward to receiving your application.

Best regards,

Network Development Department
Porsche Middle East & Africa

Investor Application Data

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