Porsche Service

Porsche Service

We at Ali & Sons Co. L.L.C. are committed to Porsche standards. Our new Porsche service facility, soon to open, is conceived to become a benchmark for excellence. Also, the Porsche service facility at Al Ain complies with the stringent quality standards followed in Ali & Son Co. & Porsche.

The service centre is equipped with the latest Porsche specific technology to ensure owners' peace of mind. It is supported by a team of well-trained personnel with extensive product knowledge and industry best practices . Moreover, Our spare parts warehouse features a specialized racking system and the latest ERP systems to offer a complete logistics solution.

Ali & Sons Porsche Service Centre boasts advanced networked technology for prompt product information and order processing capabilities. We assure customer satisfaction by taking responsibility and accountability in providing efficient and effective services that would guarantee the maintenance you would want for your Porsche.

We look forward to assisting you and ensuring you a delightful Porsche ownership experience.

Our special services include:

Dent and Hail Service

The owners of cars parked alongside yours in car parks occasionally leave unpleasant souvenirs on your car. However, storms and hail can also leave small dents. We can sort this out inexpensively for you using expert competence and the latest dent-removing technology, which normally does not even require repainting.

Genuine Exchange Parts

Porsche service.
Porsche technology.
Genuine Porsche exchange parts.
Not easily substituted.

Apart from yourself, nobody knows your Porsche better than the person who developed it. We have adjusted everything to work together perfectly, so that you can enjoy the Porsche feeling. And so that this feeling lasts for a long time, your Porsche undergoes a thorough examination at the hands of our specialists at every inspection.

In case any part of your Porsche should ever need replacing, we recommend that you exclusively make use of genuine Porsche parts. With certain products, you have the choice between new parts and genuine exchange parts which have been reworked and approved by Porsche.

These are not merely more economical for you, but also preserve the environment and natural resources, since their overhauling consumes less energy and raw materials than new production. Of course these exchange parts are real Porsche parts - complete with a 2-year warranty.

Genuine Parts

With Porsche Genuine Parts, your Porsche remains what it is: An Original.

Porsche quality standards are not only applied during the development and production of our vehicles, but also in the design and testing of all Porsche Genuine Parts. In addition to intensive tests at our Development Centre in Weissach, our spare parts are subjected to demanding driving trials covering several 100,000 kilometers.

How do you benefit?

Spare parts optimally tailored to your vehicle with the best possible fit and corresponding to the highest Porsche quality standards. Porsche also provides a 2-year warranty on spare parts. Of course, our qualified Porsche technicians are available at your Porsche Centre for the determination of the correct spare parts, depending on your vehicle model, model year and equipment, as well as for installation of the parts.

For the repair of your vehicle, Porsche Service guarantees the use of Porsche Genuine Parts for optimal safety and reliability.

The fact remains: the only reason for not using Porsche Genuine Parts does not own a Porsche.

Vehicle Detailing

Protects your vehicle's paintwork and upholstery and keeps it looking new and fresh.
(Recommended twice a year).

Protects your vehicle's paintwork and upholstery and keeps it looking new and fresh.
(Recommended twice a year).

Car body washed with premium shampoo, rinsed & dried.

(Engine cleaned with non-abrasive degreaser, rinsed, dried & coated with protectant)

Paintwork deep cleaned for removal of tar & surface contaminants.
(Paintwork polished with high quality, high gloss polish)

Wheels cleaned with premium degreaser, rinsed, dried & coated with protectant.
(Tires & wheel arches sprayed with premium cleaner, rinsed, dried & buffed to a satin finish)

Trunk & contents cleaned.
(Vehicle interior cleaned, including dashboard, seats, roof, doors, door panels, carpeting & mats)

Vehicle interior rubber, plastic, leather & wood buffed & coated with protectant.
(Both sides of all vehicle glass cleaned & buffed)

AED 950 for Sport Cars.
AED 1,150 for SUVs

Warranty Extension Programme

Incidentally, more than two - thirds of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today.

Your Porsche is one of the most superbly designed automobiles of all time; a vehicle that dwells on your senses; a masterpiece proportion, power and purpose, which commandingly blends elegance and assurance with poise and appeal.

It has been designed with tradition of high performance and engineering ingenuity. It is a phenomenal vehicle of unsurpassed performance and remarkable responsiveness.

We are sure you would prefer to keep it in a condition to which you have grown accustomed. Therefore, may we remind you that your warranty expires soon and suggest the Warranty Extension Programme? Bear in mind this is Manufacturer Warranty provided by Porsche (the manufacturer) and issued by your Authorized Porsche Centre.

This Warranty Extension Programme covers the operational functionality of all parts belonging to the following components of your Porsche:

  • engine
  • fuel / cooling system
  • power train / transmission
  • suspension / steering
  • brake system
  • heating / air conditioning
  • electrics
  • body

For further information, please contact your Service Advisor and take a look at the Warranty conditions, which are listed on the Porsche Approved Pre-Owned Car Warranty Certificate.

The Warranty Extension Programme guarantees an exhilarating lengthening of your Porsche experience by up to nine years if you wish - especially when you consider that for an annual fee, it even covers engine and gearbox, while enabling your Porsche to maintain true value. Warranty Extension is valid under certain conditions: Your vehicle must be no more than nine years old and less than 200,000km, with full service history and without modifications. Also, your vehicle must undergo a Technical inspection prior to your current warranty expiration date.

Should you miss this time frame, additional charges will apply.

Whether brand new or pre-owned, whatever the series, open or closed, turbocharged or not, your Porsche will always be an automobile of exceptional character. A vehicle that promises performance and handling that responds to your every move, styling that complements your aesthetic values, luxury features that cater to your every whim, it is the epitome of power, potency and refinement: Your Porsche.

Our heritage and legendary commitment to quality, performance, safety, durability and reliability are synonymous with our name.