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What pushes expert climbers higher?

Why are mountain climbers driven to take on the extremes? According to world-class alpine climber Tom Livingstone, his job is, in no uncertain terms: “Exciting, dangerous and exhausting.” Luckily, you can get the same kind of thrills from driving a Porsche GTS, but with much less danger and exhaustion.

Just as the GTS range evolved out of a commitment to excellent performance and uncompromised experience, we examine the parts of life that require going beyond - shining the spotlight on those who get more of what they love by doing extraordinary things. For climbers like Livingstone, this unwavering drive is all about seeking out new, creative and increasingly difficult ways to ascend the world’s highest places. It’s about getting more of what he loves out of his passion. Some might just see a rock face, but to them, it’s a vertical playground, teeming with possibilities.

The drive from within

The drive from within

When you consider the general level of comfort and convenience of modern life, it can be tricky to fathom why anyone would voluntarily put themselves into situations that would require severe mental and physical hardship.

For Livingstone, the answer is simple, and resonates with those who seek out more from their lives: “Climbing is the most intense, exciting and rewarding way to live your life.”

But the drive to embark on these death-defying feats varies greatly, depending on who you talk to.

Climbing is the most intense, exciting and rewarding way to live your life.

Tom Livingstone

Part of the thrill is in taking on the seemingly impossible and making it real

Robert Mads Andersen
High expectations

High expectations

Research also shows that mountaineers are motivated by the stress and risk that climbing involves, as it helps them feel in control in other areas of their lives. Damien Gildea, a creator of new climbs around the world says: “We can't control a chaotic world, but a mountain is a small finite world with boundaries and set parameters, and just us to act within them.”

A climber's inner drive is fuelled by the inspiration for going further, faster and experiencing more in the great outdoors.

Mads Andersen
Chasing adventure

Chasing adventure

Beyond this science, climbers often cite less tangible reasons for taking on peak after peak. “I love the adventure,” says renowned German climber Thomas Huber. “I approach the unknown with all my skills, fire, and partners, and I try to achieve the impossible.”

Whatever the reasons, the inspiration that comes from unwavering drive and commitment is something that has been instilled also within Porsche right from the start. So, whatever mountain you are faced with climbing, may you keep pushing yourself towards the extraordinary. And may you forever seek more of what you love.

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