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One of the true joys of having children is the ability to show them the world and expose them to new experiences. But the range of available holiday options tends to shrink when there are kids involved. Goodbye off-road trekking, hello beach resort. But even the most crowd-pleasing family getaways can offer some premium driving thrills. Here are three of the best destinations to take your family and still get more of what you love out of your Macan GTS.

Channel your inner 007 in Monaco

Channel your inner 007 in Monaco

Monaco might be renowned as the casino-focussed playground of the rich and famous, but at its heart this tiny principality is a stunning, luxurious seaside resort that’s brimming with history – and blessed with more than 300 sunny days each year. Kids will find plenty to keep them entertained, from the internationally acclaimed aquariums of the Oceanographic Museum to the swimming opportunities at Rainier III Pool and the legendary Plage du Larvotto beach.

The Grande Corniche

A winding mountain road that leads down to Monte Carlo bay. James Bond made the run famous in Goldeneye, but putting a Macan GTS through its paces – feeling every twist and turn – delivers a thrill that puts 007 to shame.

Go skiing in Zermatt

Go skiing in Zermatt

There are few more sure-fire family holiday destinations than a snowy one – and trips to the snow don’t come much better than a weekend at Switzerland’s Zermatt ski resort. Presided over by the awe-inspiring Matterhorn mountain, Zermatt offers some of the most striking scenery, the best runs and the most high-quality facilities of any ski resort in the world.

Grimsel Pass

The constant switchbacks and sheer drops on this vaunted road will give your wheels plenty to work with, while the wide-open seating plan and roomy luggage compartment will mean the rest of the clan can enjoy the jaw-dropping vistas in comfort.

A speedy history of Berlin

A speedy history of Berlin

Few places share Berlin’s unique combination of globe-shaping history and cosmopolitan urban culture. It’s a city of pristine gardens, eye-opening monuments and museums, and exceptional bars and restaurants. Kids will love the sprawling Tierpark, Europe’s largest zoo and home to more than 9000 exotic animals, as well as the Natural History Museum – the complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is unmissable in every sense of the word. And for those looking for something a little more relaxing, head on a road trip out to Schorfheide.

Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve

Schorfheide is an UNESCO protected nature reserve that is located a little under an hour and a half from Berlin. A simple route - north from Berlin on the A11 and continue until you’re surrounded by the Schorfheide forest – gets you to one of the largest woodlands in Germany. The scenery is stunning, the roads are winding, and a stop in Joachimsthal will inspire you to try some of the local activities to get the kids moving. All in all, something to keep the family and the driver happy.

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