Porsche - Racing gear

Racing gear

Porsche Motorsport offers a complete collection of race wear so that you can be ready for anything once you climb into that Porsche cockpit. This collection is worn by Porsche Sport drivers the world over.

It complies with the current FIA safety standards and meets extremely stringent demands in terms of quality and comfort. The collection comprises race overalls, gloves, shoes, fireproof underwear as well as balaclavas. All Porsche works drivers wear safety equipment from internationally acknowledged race gear producer Stand 21 from France. Stand 21 meets with the high demands of Porsche quality standards and always offers prompt delivery.

The race wear is distributed directly by our license partner Stand 21.
For further information please contact:

STAND 21 France
François Tavares
12 Rue des Novalles
21240 Talant/Dijon
Tel.: +33 3 80 53 92 21
Fax: +33 3 80 53 92 30